Top Places Women Find Studs to Cuck Hubbies

Where do women find men to cuckold their husbands or boyfriends? A recent Twitter poll illustrated the top places women find studs, bulls and swordsmen for sexual trysts.

  1. The Workplace – either coworkers or clients
  2. The Gym
  3. The Past – exes and past hookups
  4. The Bars and Clubs
  5. The Dating Sites, Apps, Personals

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Women also want the hottest sex with the biggest cocks. Therefore, men using UK hookup dating apps or personals better be prepared to provide proof with a few photos of their equipment. On Horny Slags there is no fee to exchange photos, chat, swap phone numbers or keep a diary on the site. The basic features on the site are free. So, women who want to cuckold their hubbies or boyfriends have an amazing resource to tap for stud service. Speaking of cuckolding, of course, you can follow a few of Slags’ diaries where the wives tease you with some of their escapades. Or should I say sexcapades

Hot Cuckoldresses in Little Black Dresses

What Type of Cuckold Are You?

There are many different types of cuckolds. Being a cuckold isn’t one-size-fits-all typecasting. Here are the most common types of cuckolds with brief descriptions:

1. Traditional Voyeur – a voyeur cuckold enjoys seeing his wife or girlfriend experiencing sex with another man in a cuckolding scenario

2. Audio Voyeur – an audio voyeur enjoys hearing his wife or girlfriend experiencing sex with another man -or- he wants to hear the stories recapping the sexual scenarios to excite him. He does not want to see the sex scene as it may be too intense and humiliating for him to experience

3. Humiliation – a humiliation cuckold wishes to experience deep humiliation and sexual rejection. The act of cuckolding may be strong humiliation unto itself -or- verbal humiliation may also be desirable. Humiliation elicits deep brain chemical responses that result in sexual arousal and orgasm enhancement

4. Bisexual / Gay – the bi/gay cuckold wishes to experience another man’s cock, typically submitting to orders from a Cuckoldress to fluff for her or to please the bull’s cock on an ongoing basis. This type of cuck may be in denial over his bisexuality or homosexuality, though sometimes will grow to embrace it

5. Small Penis – the small penis cuckold realizes he can’t please his partner with penetrative sex and moreover realizes the Cuckoldress needs a well hung stud to take care of the fucking. Small penis cuckies often enjoy humiliation

6. Performance – a performance cuckold has sexual performance issues, typically performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. This type of cucky does not necessarily sport a small penis. May enjoy humiliation re: their predicament

7. Sissy – the sissy cuckold enjoys, at the very least, wearing panties as a symbol of emasculation. A sissy cuckold may also be a full-fledged crossdresser or crossdressing sissy. This cuckolded type doesn’t feel like a real man and would rather acquiesce to a real man taking care of his partner’s sexual needs

8. BBC – a BBC cuckold derives excitement from knowing his partner seeks sex from black bulls

8. Polyamorous/Shared Wife – this type of cuckold encourages his wife or girlfriend to have sexual relationships or encounters where she doesn’t necessarily let him see or hear about the encounters. This cuckold is aroused by his partner’s sexual pursuits and typically does not feel humiliation re: her choosing other men for sexual liaisons

10. Fusion – fusion cuckolds have fused several of the cuckolding types, such as Traditional Voyeur with Small Penis with Humiliation as one example

11. Fantasy – fantasy cuckolds aren’t in a cuckold relationship. They fantasize about being a cucky and masturbate to their fantasies, masturbate to cuckold and interracial videos or engage in cuckold phone sex. They usually know what type of cuckold they are within their fantasies, e.g., BBC / Small Penis

12. Submissive / FLR – is submissive to a dominant Cuckoldress in a Female Led Relationship

13. Cuck – a cuck is a beta male, this term is trending as an internet pejorative.

Cuckoo equals Cuckold

The origination of the term cuckold comes from the cuckoo bird, the bird synonymous with the cuckoo clock. Cuckoos have an interesting mating phenomenon which orders the Alpha and beta of the species, both male and female. Alpha cuckoo birds mate with Alpha females. Alpha females reject beta male sexual advances. However, female cuckoo birds will allow beta males to help build nests, sit on eggs to keep them warm and feed hatchlings. This especially frees the Alpha female of such time-consuming responsibilities and allows her to resume her sexual availability for mating… furthering the perpetuation of the species. In addition, Alpha females will sometimes lay their eggs in a lesser female’s nest expecting that female and her beta male to raise her feathered flock.

As observers of cuckoo bird behavior, Germans, Swiss and Austrians began fashioning the signature clocks centuries ago. These Europeans also originated the bird’s name from the unique sound of their bird call. The term cuckold is thus derived from the cuckoo’s sexual and domestic behavior. Cuckoldry exists in many species as cuckolding is, at its very essence, crucial to the survival of a species. Cuckolding frees up genetically superior members of a species from familial duties, so they can focus on mate selection and mating.

It is important for human beta males and cuckolds to realize they are not viewed as mating material by females. Nevertheless, cuckolds do have a place in the world, to sustain higher status females who seek superior males for mating and to support these females once they do. Alpha males will literally swoop around spreading their genetic material. It is their purpose. Their purpose is not to be burdened with raising a family or a flock. That burden falls on the cuckoo cuckold.

Nota bene:

Orson Welles ad libbed these lines in the classic film, The Third Man (1949). Enjoy.

“In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed. They produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace. And what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”

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The Cam Dude also reviewed two of the Cuckoldress’s cuckold and interracial favorites, Dogfart Network and (including And gave them positive reviews of course!

Financial Domination is Cuckolding

Recently, an intriguing article in the New York Observer focused on the fascination with one of the most misunderstood fetishes on the planet, financial domination. Most mainstream media articles shock and mislead readers about findom. Some articles tout the pursuit as bossy, talentless girls looking for easy money. Other articles position greedy financial dominatrices plying their trade by swindling, blackmailing, extorting, etc. Finally, the Observer article titled “Hardcore Money Managers” got it right in an explicit sense. However, what was implicit in the article is that financial domination is a form of cuckolding. Below is a quote from the article where a finsub explains the evolutionary relationship dynamic between Money Domme and money slave:

Findom Cuckolding

The relationship of finsub to Financial Domme is essentially cuckold to Cuckoldress. A finsub recognizes that a Financial Domme is an Alpha Female and Cuckoldress. A Cuckoldress finesses beta males to bestow her with cash and gifts. This behavior is what beta males have done in deference to an Alpha Female throughout evolution. The Findom Cuckoldress uses the gifts (examples: clothing, jewelry, heels, vacations) purchased by her devotees to attract or excite her Alpha Male lovers. She can spend the cash to feather her nest or to lure Alpha Males to her bed. All the elements of cuckolding are in play. The Alpha Female reinforces her Cuckoldress status while enforcing the role of the beta males as cuckolds.

Cuckolds are expressly not for mating, they are expected to be providers and to improve the quality of life of superior females. All theories are basic tenets of evolutionary biology. The strongest and most desirable females focus on mating with the strongest and most desirable males. When cuckolds perform their duties, they support the perpetuation of the species at a primal level.

Read the New York Observer financial domination article here

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