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Virtual Cuckolding

Some women who cuckold their boyfriends or husbands don’t have physical sex with other men. Instead, they have virtual sex with men of their choice via 1 on 1 mutual masturbation. What a lot of cuckolded husbands and boyfriends don’t realize is that cuckolding can keep a marriage or relationship together, because it allows the Cuckoldress freedom to pursue a variety of sex, including virtual sex, with men who excite her. This Aussie girlfriend, whose moniker is BombCherry, lives in an isolated location, so she needs to reach out to hot Alpha males online to explore mutual masturbation. Most women who seek pleasure via webcam have a variety of dildos and vibrators. BombCherry aka Jenny is no exception since she has a collection of sex toys to pleasure herself.

Jenny is a pretty girl next door with a totally natural bush. If natural bushes excite you, check out this lass from Down Under.  She continually shoots and posts selfies, but what girl doesn’t show off herself in different poses these days. Everything about Jenny is totally natural, her dirty blonde hair color, her bush, her perky breasts…

Cuckolding is a also natural, since it allows beautiful, fertile women to seek out the most superior genetic material. However, Jenny isn’t ready for procreating just yet, so she focuses on virtual encounters with guys from around the world. Cuckolded men also get the benefit of increased horniness by perceived competition from other males interested in their Cuckoldress partners. Jenny’s boyfriend is one lucky cucky!

Top Places Women Find Studs to Cuck Hubbies

Where do women find men to cuckold their husbands or boyfriends? A recent Twitter poll illustrated the top places women find studs, bulls and swordsmen for sexual trysts.

  1. The Workplace – either coworkers or clients
  2. The Gym
  3. The Past – exes and past hookups
  4. The Bars and Clubs
  5. The Dating Sites, Apps, Personals

One of the top networks in the UK which women use to find NSA encounters is The site has gone viral due to its snappy name. One of the reasons for the site’s success in the dating world is that the female members really want to rendezvous, not just seek attention. And Horny Slags is drawing men who want to rendezvous likewise.

Women also want the hottest sex with the biggest cocks. Therefore, men using UK hookup dating apps or personals better be prepared to provide proof with a few photos of their equipment. On Horny Slags there is no fee to exchange photos, chat, swap phone numbers or keep a diary on the site. The basic features on the site are free. So, women who want to cuckold their hubbies or boyfriends have an amazing resource to tap for stud service. Speaking of cuckolding, of course, you can follow a few of Slags’ diaries where the wives tease you with some of their escapades. Or should I say sexcapades

Hot Cuckoldresses in Little Black Dresses

Swinging – Is it Cuckolding?

There are select swingers who are also involved in the cuckolding lifestyle. Swinging makes it easier and safer to find a stud or bull to engage in hot sex with the femdom presiding over the cuckolding relationship. There are swingers clubs, swinging personals and swingers dating which offer a myriad of opportunities for kinky cuckold sex play. In the UK, there is one premier resource to visit for Swinging Resources and Contacts – Melanie (aka Mel) is a virtual celebrity in the swinging scene in Britain and is a swinger herself.

One important point about swinging is that this kink is not for singles looking for other singles. Couples exclusively engage in swinging to provide variety and spice to their relationship. In a lot of cases, the woman drives the swinging pursuits. This is verified on Mel’s site where there is an abundance of swinging profiles featuring wives looking for husband swaps or swinging. And hubbies either like to watch their shared wife as voyeurs or hubbies are having sex with someone else’s wife in a wife swap.

Several important criteria separate swinging from cuckolding. First, a cuckold is humiliated and aroused when his wife is being sexually ravished by a superior well-hung male. Second, a cuckold feels submissive and inferior to the male swinger sexing up his spouse. Third, a Cuckoldress will forbid her cuckold from participating in any swinging sex, unless you consider cleaning out creampie to be a form of sex. And the final criterion, all swingers who are cuckolds enjoy voyeurism.

Cuckolded by James Bond bets

Idris Elba big black cock

Dear Cuckoldress Sara,

I am not sure you have been following the drama around the potential new James Bond actor selections? The frontrunners are all UK actors: Idris Elba (Luther), Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager) and Damian Lewis (Homeland). Official bets are now closed on favorite Tom Hiddleston to limit losses on behalf of the bookies, although bets are still being taken on Elba and Lewis. It’s just hard to believe that Daniel Craig would be turning down $100 million for 2 more Bond films? Who do you like for the new Bond?

Signed, I feel so cuckolded by the James Bond actors

Dear I feel so cuckolded,

Is that a rhetorical question? Of course I want Idris Elba to play James Bond, but he couldn’t be called 007. He’d have to be 009 or even 0010 or 0011 with his big black cock. LOL. Anyway, I agree it’s hard to believe that Daniel Craig would turn down that money. I read an article where it was stated he might be making a clever ploy for a bigger payday in his producer’s role for the next two Bond films, but realistically, how much more is going to be enough when you are talking about a standing $100 million offer? That’s like turning down a lottery win.

In reality, I don’t think Elba will be selected, as much as women all over the world are clamoring for him to be the next Bond. You can feel the cuckold burn already can’t you, if Elba were chosen as the sexiest spy alive? Nevertheless, if Craig truly turns down the offer, I have a feeling it will go Hiddleston who is hardly capable of cuckolding the male audience for Bond films.

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