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Wuthering Heights Interracial Cuckold Remake

from peewee cuckold, UK correspondent commenting on the Wuthering Heights interracial cuckold remake…

Recently, I watched the UK’s latest version of Wuthering Heights. No, not the Masterpiece Theatre remake starring the hotness of Tom Hardy, but the Wuthering Heights interracial cuckold remake from 2011 now on the telly. To sex up the literary classic, Wuthering Heights, the English director concluded that it would need to reflect the erotic desires of the UK and cast a black man as Heathcliff. In this version of Wuthering Heights, a poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. This story was based on the classic novel by Emily Bronte. Next time I see it scheduled on the telly, I want to show my fiancee that the true classical romantics, the true Alpha males and the true sexual studs in our country are now black men.

I know I will feel ultra cuckolded as I explain to my fiancee how the director felt the need to remake the classic film from the novel interracial style with a black man cast as the intense brooding Heathcliff. Now, some women think that Tom Hardy is hot and hung and made a perfectly fine white Heathcliff in the Masterpiece Theatre remake. But to see a black man chasing after the lily white, beautiful Cathy on the moors was very stirring and erotic and made me feel cuckolded to watch. I had to wonder if the director is a cuck, too!

Cuckoldress – New “Dear Cuckoldress” Letter

Dear Cuckoldress,

I love your site and would welcome your thoughts and constructive advice.

We have ALL noticed the fast-growing trend for the prettiest white girls to attach themselves exclusively to big black men. Who hasn’t?!

That observation was what initially began to impact on me. But my submersion into the interracial cuckold lifestyle is becoming all the more deep because I am, at present, seriously wondering whether my own gorgeous fiance is as curious about being with a well endowed black man as I fear/crave and is on the verge of becoming the Cuckoldress of my dreams/nightmares.

As such, I wanted to document some of the evidence/clues that I have for doubting her exclusivity to my tiny white dick. I had wanted to avoid publishing these details, for fear that it will get back to my girl somehow but I just need your expert guidance so I am prepared to take that risk.

These accounts are 100% true and accurate, and I would welcome your feedback as to whether I have a black cock loving fiance on my hands.

1. Within 2 months of us dating, she told me that she DIDN’T find black men attractive. However, when I pointed out that such a comment might be portrayed as racist, and added that there are lots of handsome black men, she replied, “Yeah, that’s true. Some are good looking. I do know that most girls really like black men. Almost all my friends love black men!

2. She told me that her friend has a black boyfriend called Rocky and that apparently he has a HUGE cock. She remarked, “they say that black men have much bigger cocks, don’t they? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been with a black man. When I asked whether my dick was too small for her, she cuddled me and told me not to worry and that mine was ok enough.

3. When we noticed an interracial couple walking ahead of us, my fiance blurted out to me, “Oooohh, look “that girl likes black men. She’s in for a good pounding tonight.”

4. She has on 3 separate occasions (one immediately following the above remark) stated, “Can you imagine if I cheated on you with a black guy? That would be the worst thing possible wouldn’t it? It must be hard for men to handle it when a girl has been with black men before.”

5. She told me that if she had to pick a celebrity black guy for her “ultimate list”, it would be 50 Cent, because she couldn’t think of one so I went for the biggest, blackest man I could dream of.

6. She has twice quoted the phrase “once you go black, you never go back” to me. Whilst it was used to comedy effect, the fact that she knows, and uses that phrase with her fiance, is a tad brazen.

7. She remarked on the Next catalog male underwear section, because ALL of the models in those pages were black men. She said, they’ve chosen black men for the underpants, probably because they’re known for having big packages.

8. When I went to pick her up from a work night out, I entered the bar and couldn’t find her. As I journeyed further into the bar, I found her on the dance floor. It was a deserted dance floor, other than my fiance and two black men, with whom she was dancing enthusiastically. As she caught sight of me she walked to me as if nothing had happened, but other patrons were looking at me as I led her away from the dance floor, and I could see they were joking about how my girl had been all over the big black men.

9. I was asked by my fiance whether I’d ever seen a black man’s penis. When I replied yes, she asked what they were like. I replied, bigger and blacker. She looked so lustful and just turned away from me, deep in her own thoughts.

10. She reads all the ladies weekly magazines available, and skips through the pages as she does so. But whenever there is an article/picture about a white celebrity dating a black man, she always reads it, often out loud to me.

11. She is always quick to inform me of those celebrities who only date black men. For example, she went on about Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle’s relationship with huge NFL star Jason Bell, popular WAGs Helen Flanaghan and Imogen Thomas, flings with black football players and Cheryl Cole’s reported preference for black men.

12. When a mutual friend was telling us both that her younger sister was going off the rails, was only with black guys and has just had a tattoo of a black lover’s name on her shoulders, my fiance was fascinated. So much so that she 5 (FIVE) times, within that hour, stressed to me that the younger sister’s preferred black men were really black and you know, proper black men.

13. Recently, she told me that she loves R&B and rap, and that she does find black men cool.

14. One of her best friends recently told her that she had previously slept with a black man. My fiance was surprised and told me she didn’t know that her friend had a slutty past. When I reminded her that lots of white girls sleep with black men nowadays and that I’m therefore lucky that she still likes white boys, she replied only with, you’re right.

15. When we were about to attend one of her family weddings recently, she took the chance to flick through the family members who I would be meeting. Out of the 5 or 6 girls she showed me, she only mentioned the dating habits of one who just so happened to be really into black men. I looked at the girl, who was absolutely gorgeous, and asked, what, only black? My fiance replied, yeah, she just loves black men.

16. We recently read Page 3 of a newspaper featuring a story about glamour girl Sam Cooke dating Man United’s black centre back Chris Smalling. My fiance stated,all the Page 3 girls go with black men don’t they?. I replied that I knew that Amii and Keeley like black men, and expanded by saying, I think most girls with really hot bodies seem to prefer black men nowadays! Certainly in England. My fiance nodded her head.

17. I bought her and her friend tickets to the Usher concert. When I drove them there, she and her mate kept going on about how gorgeous he is, and how he could get any girl he wanted. My fiance then bought me a pair of panties with OMG emblazened across the ass and a t-shirt with Usher’s naked chest imprinted on the front. She laughed when I put them on, but screamed like never before when I made love to her wearing the t-shirt.

18. When I told her my brother’s girlfriend is going on holiday with her friends to Ayia Napa, a resort on the island of Cyprus, she replied, that’s where girls go if they want to be with black men! It’s where they go for black cock! It’s well known.

19. She wants us to go to the Caribbean on holiday.

20. When I bought some JLS (a popular UK black boyband who now promote safe sex) condoms for us, as a joke, she asked, will they be ok for you, because black men probably need a bigger size don’t they?

21. After I’d taken her to see a performance of Romeo & Juliet, in which Romeo was played by a big black guy, she remarked, I didn’t like it, but I admit the two leads looked really hot together.

22. In a conversation with her sister-in-law the other day, she finally conceded that she DOES find black men really attractive. But she feels that she has been conditioned not to go for black men by her brother, who would disown her if she ever did. Her sister-in-law duly advised that she herself HAD been with black men. My fiance looked stunned, but giggled with her sister-in-law as her brother stormed out of the room like a petulent, humiliated little boy. I then sat by her side, stroking her thigh in silence, as they both discussed all the black men they most fancy.

23. My fiance loves to watch music videos featuring black music artists, this is almost exclusively the only music videos she watches.

24. My fiance had a long chat with me about her best friend, admitting that she seeks big cocks, so much so that she recently told a white boy, who tried to drill her with a small dick, to stop after less than a minute because “she couldn’t even feel him”! When I used the term ‘Size Queen’ to describe her, my fiance agreed, explaining that her BFF had indeed become that way, and now the first thing she mentions when recounting a new date is the size of the new man’s penis!

25. We were watching an episode of Little Britain (funny sketch show) in which the blonde lead character is raving about her new black boyfriend and even used the phrase “once you’ve gone black, you never go back”. My fiance laughed, and said to me, “she’s like me”!! (She was referring to her joke use of the phrase when she was overheard saying it to me by a foreign waiter last year. So although it wasn’t as brutal as it seemed, it sounded soooooo right!!).

26. When X Factor came on over here, Cheryl Cole has been replaced by the lead singer, Tulissa, of a UK band called N Dubz. Like Cheryl, Tulissa is regarded by those in the know to be ‘black only’. It would seem my fiance is one of those in the know. Because when Tulissa came to life when judging the talents of a hot black stud, my girl said “yeah, well Tulissa will love him ‘coz he’s a black guy. She loves black men”. I agreed and subtly pointed out that Kelly Rowland (the other female judge) will no doubt share Tulissa’s praise, and then reminded my fiance that her predecessor, Cheryl, was also partial to black guys. My fiance thought about what I’d just said, and then calmly stated, in such a matter of fact kind of a way, “they all love black men don’t they. Big black men. They all love them”. This time, I just snuggled her submissively as she no doubt thought about the words she’d just spoken.

27. On holiday in Jamaica, when we saw some white American guys walking away from an African sunglasses salesman, laughing as though mocking him, I pointed it out and said that I thought that was cruel. My fiance replied “they’re probably just jealous. I bet he’s got a massive cock!” I was so shocked I just laughed!!

28. Whilst reading a paper around the pool, there was a feature on Pixie Lott. I asked my fiance who Pixie was dating (as I had seen pics of her with some white English guy). My fiance responded by saying “she likes black men”. I knew that this wasn’t necessarily true, and that Pixie was currently with a white boy, but I just accepted my girl’s version and replied despondently, ‘they all do. they love black guys don’t they?” My fiance didn’t respond to my question, perhaps mistaking it merely as an obvious statement of fact.

29. Over the course of our summer vacation holiday, and since our return, she has essentially cajoled me into offering to become her attentive slave – in a nice way. She has deprived me of sex every night, citing tiredness. But instead she cleverly seized on my comment about really enjoying stroking her body and hair, to such an extent that over the last few nights, after she has told me sex is off the menu, I have actually ASKED if I can stroke her. She of course ‘allows’ me this pleasure and then I lie next to her, naked with my pathetic white dickie all hard and stiff, gently and lovingly caressing her body and stroking her hair until she falls asleep.

30. Last night, she allowed me to stroke her whilst I watched the football on television. I did so for over an hour, until she complained of feeling tired. At that time, I had pulled her pj bottoms over her bottom and had been stroking her naked ass cheeks as well as her back. But when she mentioned being tired, there was still 20 minutes of the game left but I dutifully pulled her pj bottoms back over her gorgeous bum, turned off the television and said “well let’s get you to bed and I’ll stroke you to sleep – if that’s ok?”. My fiance, for the first time, uttered the phrase “Good boy” to me. I felt so proud.

31. Whilst in bed, stroking my girl’s hair, she read the newspaper, commenting only on two stories. The first was about Cheryl Cole’s latest alleged romance, again with a black man. Then about Steve Jones’ supposed trysts with Keeley Hazell. My fiance’s words, as I stroked her submissively, were “Keeley will be doing this for her career, because she’s like Cheryl. She likes black football players”! I didn’t reply, but I started pathetically and lavishly kissing her shoulders with so much enthusiasm as I stroked her lush hair and feebly pushed my hard little dickie into her thighs, to which my fiance simply said “Not tonight, ok.”

I am pretty sure there have been many, many, many other little comments and glances that have led me to wonder whether my gorgeous fiance may be truly craving black men and that her becoming a Cuckoldress is the natural order of things. Perhaps she’s been dreaming of making me her cuckold? I just cannot ignore the feeling I have: it seems to me that black men are now the new Alpha male in the western world and that beautiful, young, independent white girls are now lusting after these real men like never before.

As such, I feel that I should now take the plunge, risk whatever humiliation comes my way, and support my fiance in going black. I will continue to drop little hints that I would understand her taking a black lover and that I am totally and utterly submissive to these real men. In time, I am convinced that a big black stud will be in our bedroom fucking my sweet fiance like I could never, ever hope to.

But Cuckoldress, do you agree? Or am I misreading the signs? Your expert advice and guidance would be very much appreciated.

Cuckoldress vs. Cuckquean

from peewee cuckold, interpid UK blog reporter who expounds on the Cuckoldress vs. Cuckquean Dilemma involving glamour babe Alice Goodwin…

Alice Goodwin Cuckoldress Loves Big Black Cock

The ‘2011 White Goddess Of The Year’ and winner of ‘Zoo Magazine Hottest Body In The World’, Alice Goodwin, always hinted at her lust for black men. She previously detailed Lewis Hamilton as her type of man, in response to her disgusted dismissal of the suggestion that white boy Peter Crouch might even be attractive to any girl. And at the risk of sounding a tad crude, she certainly has a body that some might describe as ‘built for black cock’.

Well, Miss Goodwin has now proven herself to be as good as her word and reputation, and is now publicly and formally revealed as a black cock slut and Cuckoldress at the same time. Poor cuckquean Lana Murphy, fiance to black football stud Jermaine Pennant, while planning their intended wedding, she found out Jermaine was allegedly enjoying lust-filled romps with his now girlfriend Alice the Cuckoldress. Just as it is slightly intimidating for us normal white boys to hear Alice go on about black men and then to actually see her dating only young, black and rich studs, it must be difficult for all his many female fans, and particularly his gorgeous ex-girfriends, to see him with such a ridiculously proportioned, built-for-sex specimen of a woman. In fact, already the sweet looking cuckquean, Lara Murphy, is predictably and vindictively describing Pennant’s new BBC crazed girl as a ‘Cheap TV Porn Star’. Hell hath no fury like the cuckquean scorned.

Just as most UK white guys are now very much respectful of how most of our most beautiful models and singers will gravitate to big black men, I think the bitter, cuckqueaned girls such as Lara should appreciate that men as sought after as Mr. Pennant are always going to need the ultimate girl or Cuckoldress in their lives, so as to continue his impressive cuckolding of a nation of envious white boys. Instead, we should all just celebrate the union of Cuckoldress and Blacker of White Girls and wish them all the happiness in the world.

And Lara should settle back into her role as the cuckquean and respectfully raise their little mixed race baby, at least she can cash that monthly child support check, ka-ching! There is no need for her to fixate on the endless interracial sex that her ex will be having with Miss Goodwin, even though it probably will play out all over the tabloids, for the entire nation to see. Yes, it will be humiliating for her. Bless her, I’m sure there’ll be many white boys lining up to be her next man if she’d be prepared to settle for a white boy cuckold. We might not have the size or the attraction of her ex, but we would love her and help raise her mocha latte bambino without ever complaining.

You might recall that I have been effectively and pro-actively cuckolded by Jermaine Pennant before, at your behest, so I know how she feels. It was Mr. Pennant who was dating and engaged to my favourite Page 3 girl at that time, the lovely young thing called Amii Grove. Sara, The Cuckoldress, made me re-design her calendar, so as to ensure Amii’s exposed parts were covered by a picture of her with Mr. Pennant, and that pathetic, autobiographical interracial sex and cuckolding messages were written by me onto each monthly pic. As such, this image is still ingrained in my mind:

Jermaine Pennant Amii Grove Topless Interracial Sex

I find myself now being so respectful to Mr. Pennant. So your cuckolding task has worked. He’s not a popular football player, but whenever anyone criticizes him in my company, I vocally stand up for him, arguing that he is a good man and has a lot to offer. I almost see him as my Master in some way, if that makes sense.

So, whilst I would ordinarily condemn a man for neglecting his fiancée (and turning her into a cuckquean) for a sexier, younger hottie Cuckoldress, I must say that I fully support Mr. Pennant’s move. He is fulfilling a hugely important duty by ‘blacking’ the UK’s most popular girls. He is sending out the message that England’s most beautiful girls will flock to his cock, and that when they have it, they will be dizzy with lust. Trust me, we white boy sports cuckolds get the message: loud and clear!

Interracial Cuckolding

Miss Ireland Draws Ire in Eire

Miss Ireland Interracial Cuckoldress

Miss Ireland, Emma Waldron, is drawing ire in Eire for her interracial relationship with Nigerian black stud, Manners Oshafi. Ireland hasn’t been the popular interracial hotbed of ebony and ivory liaisons, whereas in Britain the hottest babes, beauty queens and glamour girls actively seek out black men for interracial sex and romantic relationships. In Britain, black cock size queens are cuckolding a nation of whitebois who can only lust over the cuckoldresses they can never have.

Is Ireland next? Will Miss Ireland set a well-publicized precedent for preference for BBC as in Big Black Cock? Throughout history, some of the North Sea island nations have been the most fierce about racial purity. Ireland, Iceland and Greenland have been known for defending the Moors and Blacks and keeping them from mixing with the women in their population. There has even been some discrimination against the Black Irish, those who descended from Moorish genetics from conquerors of centuries ago.

Miss Ireland has been getting harassed on the internet for pursuing her relationship with her African boyfriend, but she won’t back down, nor should she. She is also clearly drawing ire because of her fierce interracial cuckoldress stance. A cuckoldress can cuckold an individual, but as illustrated, a cuckoldress can cuckold an entire nation of whitebois by choosing superior black cock over inferior white willie. So while Irish men may be trying to resist submitting to this interracial cuckold / cuckoldress relationship dynamic, it’s only a matter of time before more high profile interracial relationships prevail. And only a matter of time before interracial lust sets in and cuckold sexual excitement prevails.

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