Dear Cuckoldress

In response to Cucky Hubby

I believe there can be all different styles of cuckold sex as well as sexual humiliation and rejection associated with being a cuckold. But certainly the most popular, in my opinion, is chastity and forced bi. And The Cuckoldress definition of chastity would be no sex with The Cuckoldress. No mercy fucks. Permission or orders to “jerk off you faggot” would be at the mercy and whim of The Cuckoldress. Or demands to fluff the stud lovers of The Cuckoldress to be forced bi or even gay, would also amuse The Cuckoldress. It’s all about The Cuckoldress and what she wants, she’s in control of the sex she gets and whatever sex she permits the cuckold to have.

In response to Sports Cuckold

Men have porn girls, movie actresses, Victoria’s Secret models, etc., to lust over and jerk off to. Usually, men masturbate in private and while their wives and girlfriends probably know they have the hots for a lingerie model or porn star and may jack off to their fantasy girl, men usually aren’t so blatant about it, because they know it would piss off their wife or girlfriend if they were constantly talking about how hot their crush of the month was.

Women are now finding that Alpha male pro athletes are their fantasy crushes. Women don’t usually watch regular porn, so they fantasize about pro athletes, guys in rock bands, actors, etc. A lot of women just watch sports to see the athletes, not the games or events. They’re watching to be turned on by the Alpha male athletes. And, yes, sports cuckolding is a real phenomenon and it’s happening more and more as women become more sexually open about their lusts and needs. So, you will have to accept your role as a sports cuckold and if it’s any consolation to you, unless you want to be totally cuckolded, your girlfriend is only a Sports Cuckoldress at this point. But who knows what might happen in the future? She may turn you into a total cuck.

In response to Gay Cuckold Humiliation

I’ve written about all types of cuckolding, Gay Cuckolding is yet another type of relationship cuckolding. Kirk knows he can use you, that he has you wrapped around his finger. You want Kirk. You want what you can’t have. That’s human nature. If you could have Kirk, would it be as exciting? Think about it. The hunt, the chase is often more exciting than devouring the prey, because that means the end of the hunt. So if you sucked his cock, would you still want to be his cockhold? My advice? Keep being Kirk’s cuckold, I’m sure he will continue with gay cuckold humiliation in insidious ways that will drive you wild and make you have more explosive orgasms. Let him use you till he uses you up and moves on to his next cuckold bitch.

In response to Cuckold Cuckoldress Cuckquean

You have to realize with your pathetic little dick, if you left your hot wife, any relationship you have in the future is going to be a cuckold relationship, that is if you can even get into another relationship. You already admit you’re not aging well re: your looks, compared to your hot wife, so my advice would be to stay in your cuckold marriage. Your hot wife obviously needs you for something, whether it’s to provide a nicer lifestyle for her than she could provide for herself, or she enjoys cuckolding you. So suck it up and suck it down and realize your sexual role in your marriage! As a cuckold!