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Interracial Cuckolding

UK Interracial Cuckolding Update by peewee cuckold …

Glamour Girl Kelly Brook has Gone Black!

The UK’s most popular glamour girl, Kelly Brook, has finally gone black and become one of the ultimate Cuckoldresses. There were been rumours before, but now it’s official, she’s dating David McIntosh, as per the pic below. A lot of British whitebois believed Kelly to be the most naturally sexy girl in Britain. So, it is special to see this figurehead of beauty being finally unleashed on a real man, and I’m wasting no opportunity to draw it to your blog readers’ attention. I can tell it has even registered deeply with my fiancee as she looked at photos of them together online, but she’s not drawn to much discussion yet. The most she’s managed is, “They look right together.” Now Kelly Brook is cuckolding all the whitebois in the UK with her muscular black bull.

US Interracial Cuckolding update from Sara … Yes, peewee, even stateside, Kelly Brook and her black beefcake boyfriend are catching on, well, especially her boyfriend, they were featured on TMZ vacationing here in Miami Beach!

Interracial Sex Sterotype?

My fiancee and I went for an Indian meal at a restaurant recently and were forced to wait in the upstairs bar area for an hour before being seated. Another couple in that area were a pretty brunette and a black man. I did not mention anything, but sure enough my fiancee whispered into my ear, “She must like dirty sex then!” I looked around and realized she meant the young brunette, and replied “Why?”. My fiancee explained “Well, she must like big cock. I bet she likes it rough. They use their big cocks from behind and pull hair and stuff, don’t they?!” It was more a statement than a question. But I thought long and hard how best to reply. I didn’t want to dispel the notion that black men are better endowed or better in bed than whitebois. That would betray all your teachings, Sara. So, I replied, “Just because they’ve got bigger cocks doesn’t mean they’re all dirty and rough. He might be very sensitive when he needs to be. The rough sex is a stereotype I think that porn videos put out there.” My fiancee disagreed and said she thinks it’s true based on what her girlfriends who have been with black men told her about their interracial sex experiences. It made me wonder if there is in interracial sex stereotype or whether it’s true if black men are more sexually aggressive than white men.

Cuckolded by Pharrell!

We were watching MTV and a video by Pharrell came on. My fiancee kept saying – again – how much she loved him. I then mocked shock and said I had better watch her. My fiancee replied, “If we were out together, and Pharrell was there, I wouldn’t just leave you for him!” I had never suggested she might. Which made me think she must have been imagining such a scenario herself!! Little does my fiancee know that deep down I dream of being her cuckold, as she entertains a string of huge black men. I want it SO badly!

Wuthering Heights Interracial Cuckold Remake

from peewee cuckold, UK correspondent commenting on the Wuthering Heights interracial cuckold remake…

Recently, I watched the UK’s latest version of Wuthering Heights. No, not the Masterpiece Theatre remake starring the hotness of Tom Hardy, but the Wuthering Heights interracial cuckold remake from 2011 now on the telly. To sex up the literary classic, Wuthering Heights, the English director concluded that it would need to reflect the erotic desires of the UK and cast a black man as Heathcliff. In this version of Wuthering Heights, a poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. This story was based on the classic novel by Emily Bronte. Next time I see it scheduled on the telly, I want to show my fiancee that the true classical romantics, the true Alpha males and the true sexual studs in our country are now black men.

I know I will feel ultra cuckolded as I explain to my fiancee how the director felt the need to remake the classic film from the novel interracial style with a black man cast as the intense brooding Heathcliff. Now, some women think that Tom Hardy is hot and hung and made a perfectly fine white Heathcliff in the Masterpiece Theatre remake. But to see a black man chasing after the lily white, beautiful Cathy on the moors was very stirring and erotic and made me feel cuckolded to watch. I had to wonder if the director is a cuck, too!

Cuckold Humiliation

Dear Cuckoldress, My Cuckold Humiliation experience at the gym… I have not been exercising or frequenting my local gym for many months now and given that I am slowly drifting towards middle age, my shape has become ‘saggy’ to say the least. A condition particularly associated with white men, it would seem. I finally plucked up the resolve to attend my gym, which is on the outskirts of my local city centre. It is a busy gym and I felt a bit self-conscious as I walked through the upstairs section to the changing rooms. So much so that I decided I would ease myself back into the process by skipping the exercise area upstairs and simply going downstairs to enjoy a jacuzzi dip in the sizable relaxation pool.

Interracial Cuckold Humiliation

When I got there, it was moderately busy. Noticeably, there were only two girls. Both were amazing.
The first was a stunning blonde, wearing a leopard print bikini and she was reclining by herself in the jacuzzi section. I have never been successful with the ladies but the delusional egotistical ‘male’ in me told me that this girl was hot and that I could, if I so wanted, charm her into my bed so as to have my wicked little way with her. As such, I shot her a few ‘Steve McQueen’ glances, perfecting my ‘come to bed’ look in the arrogant belief that this Barbie doll would fall at my feet if and when we eventually conversed.

The second girl was a young looking, slim babe, with dark blonde hair and wearing a skimpy little bikini. Light blue and her nipples were poking through. She was in the larger area of the jacuzzi with her man. Her man was black. He was a good looking young lighter skinned black man. The young babe was all over him. I don’t know why I even noticed her man’s skin colour. Perhaps it was the striking contrast. Or just that he seemed far more athletically built than all of the white men, myself included. I’m not sure. However, I am sure that something changed in me at that moment. It was as if a bulb went on in my head and shone light over a new reality – a reality where the prettiest girls really do aspire to be with black men. And that white men like me are destined for cuckold humiliation.

Suddenly, all the celebrity interracial relationships came to the forefront of my mind. As did images of beautiful white girls dancing in rap and r&b music videos and little comments made by my friends subtly championing the prowess of black men. No longer did I feel smugly confident that I could attract these girls. Instead, I immediately knew that my prior belief that I was anything like an Alpha male had merely been a self-induced myth. These girls wouldn’t be glancing admiringly at me or swooning over my “come hither” stares. No! These girls would be dreaming of the real Alpha males in our society: Black men. It was like a moment of enlightenment in which it struck me: UK girls really, really do prefer black men.

Submissive Inadequacy

Whilst you may think there is nothing strange about my belated grasp on reality, it is less the realisation and more the reaction that shocked me. Far from being angry or disgusted, I simply felt a wave of submissive inadequacy flow over me. It was as though I was drowning in a sea of humiliation. And I felt my little white dick begin to harden in my baggy swim shorts. My manhood was getting hard, at the very same time that my manhood was being brutally dismantled before my very eyes. What sort of pitiful creature was I? A cuckold?

It was at this very moment of weakness that the knockout blow was landed… As I shockingly got a hard-on watching the young couple, the door opened. A huge, muscular, dark skinned black man strolled into the jacuzzi room. He was a hulk of a man, and all eyes were drawn to him. It was as if this ebony Adonis had been sent by the Gods to underline my new found grasp on reality. If I had been unsure before, after witnessing this stud I would forever know my true place in this world. When I realised that my own mouth was hanging open, I had to look away from him. It was then that I noticed that the young babe’s eyes were following his every step intently! Her boyfriend must have looked at her and thought “Wow, my girl is such a black cock slut.”

The hunk walked over in my direction, but swept past me and settled by the sexy leopard clad blonde. He regally crouched by her position, chatting intimately with her for at least 3 minutes. I remember looking around and seeing all the white boys just staring intermittently at the two beautiful girls in the room, both of whom were doting on the only two black men in there. I sensed that my moment of enlightenment was being shared by the other white males in that room at that moment. There was an amazing sexual charge pulsing through the room. I’ll be honest, I think the two interracial couples knew the effect they were provoking and were secretly relishing their potency.

The Adonis then straightened his massive frame and casually strolled into the adjoined sonarium room which was otherwise empty. After 30 seconds, the sexy blonde got out of the jacuzzi and headed in to join him. It was at this point that I really saw the true scope of her beauty. Oh wow! She was a perfect model-like figure. Glamour model at that! Her body was 11/10. As she shimmied sexily towards the sonarium and more pertinently the stud, I was reminded of the famous movie line: “like jello on springs!” Perfection.

But rather than earlier, when I had selfish designs on her, I was now appreciating her beauty from a different perspective. It was as though I were a mere foot soldier staring enviously up at the Princess in her Royal box. I was a changed man. I had now tasted the sour dose of reality and knew that she, and other girls of her divine beauty, were quite simply out of my league. The oft quoted, yet sleazy, phrase “built for black men” had suddenly been personified and I swear that, at that moment, I very nearly came in my swim trunks. I left the two of them alone in there for a minute, out of sheer respect. As I waited I couldn’t help but watch the other young interracial couple continuing to frolic lustfully.

After waiting for my hard-on to subside, I excitedly pulled myself out of the water and scurried into the sonarium to join the Alpha couple. Why? I honestly don’t know. It is hard to explain. I can only suggest that I was discovering a new sexual persona that had previously laid dormant inside me. One who now knew his own limitations and frailties, but who could revel in the humiliation of inadequacy. Sad but true. I was seeking cuckold humiliation. I sat down across the room from them and listened to their flirty chat, stealing the occasional voyeuristic glance at their incredible physiques. I was still not sure whether they were actually a couple, but if not they seemed likely to become one. It was the next passage of events that finally showed me that I had changed forever. That I was a born masochist, or voyeur, or cuckold. Or all three!


So as to serve up any form of assistance that I could to aid the inevitable process of her imminent blacking at the hands of this superior male, I instinctively and submissively set about becoming as pathetic as possible. Almost as if the two polarised male figures in her presence would paint such a stark contrast that the image would forever emphasize in her mind the physical superiority of black men. I allowed my belly to heave outwards, making me seem heavily pregnant. I slumped my shoulders, which drew down my chest so that my growing man boobs hung obscenely over the top of my bulging stomach. And I dropped my head in a position of surrender. I sat there in silence, for minutes, listening to this erotic pairing in discussion how they both work so hard to maintain their perfect figures, and proclaiming that it is just something that has to be done if you take pride in your appearance.

At this juncture, I couldn’t help but plunge myself into a state of sheer torture. I turned my head towards these two perfect beings and loudly slapped my fat belly saying, “It’s true, I haven’t been here for a year and look at me.” The pair laughed at me. They laughed hard, both staring at my revolting flab and pale, hairy little legs. That moment seemed to linger forever and has haunted me since. I had, until that moment, clung to the misconception, borne out of comforting words from kind-hearted souls, that perhaps my obese body looked far worse to me and that, actually, I was a normal shape. But these two beautiful strangers, unlike my close family and friends, were not about to massage my ego.

When the two of them stopped their sniggering, the black man responded, “Well mate, at least you’re here which is a start.” The blonde agreed. She said, “Yeah, you’ve got a long way to go but, hey, keep going.”
They both laughed again and this time I pathetically did the same, but regrettably continued my high pitched laughing for an uncomfortably long period after they had both ceased their derisory chuckles.

I looked down again, and caught sight of my ugly white body. Having spent the previous 30 seconds looking at the black man’s huge muscular frame and the blonde’s soft, fit, curvy young body, I had almost forgotten how repulsive my chubby and inadequate white male body looked. I sat there as the two of them made plans to meet that night in one of the city centre bars. I then politely responded to their patronising words of encouragement as they left the sonarium together. As she pushed the door open, the black bull caressed her awesome peachy white bum as if to push her out of the room. The sight of his massive black hand stretched over her perfect soft white bottom coincided with my feeble erection reaching it’s maximum length in my swim shorts. I knew what I was witnessing right there and then. The fact that she hadn’t protested at his dominant mauling of her sacred ass had said it all; she would be his that very night. The couple walked through and out of the jacuzzi room, drawing stares of sheer envy from the drooling white boys. I averted my gaze to the original young couple just in time to see them passionately kiss.

My tiny dick was so hard and yet, because of its size, I felt entirely secure in stepping out of the sonarium and walking slowly through the room. I knew no one would be able to see whether my penis was soft or hard, or indeed would not particularly care either way. I got the sense that the other white boys in that room were also still reeling at the events that had transpired before them.

There had been no nudity or lewd sex acts. It had all been way more intimate and affecting than that. It had been a vivid display of the new era of sexual politics, one where white men will have to deal with the reality that their girls will harbour open lust for black men.

I felt useless and yet elated, if that is possible. Particularly because I knew why I was leaving. I wanted to catch one last sight of the beautiful interracial couple as they left the gym building itself. I don’t know why. I just felt that I needed to. Alas, despite rushing through the changing rooms and then sitting in my car for minutes afterwards, they did not appear. I had missed them. I drove home, feeling dejected, but submissively ecstatic for the two beautiful gym bunnies whom I had been lucky enough to feast my beady little eyes on, as they enjoyed the company of their respective black studs.

–your masochist voyeur cuckold!

Cuckolded by Celebrities

Proof that a cuckold can be cuckolded by Celebrities !!

1. While in bed, my girlfriend was reading a tabloid and commented only on two specific stories. The first was about Cheryl Cole’s latest alleged romance with a black man. Then she went on about actor Steve Jones supposed trysts with UK glamour girl and wannabe actress Keeley Hazell. My girlfriend’s words were: “Keeley will be doing this for her career, because she’s like Cheryl. She likes black football players!” I remarked that Steve Jones wasn’t black to which my girlfriend responded, “He’s Welsh! Everyone knows that Welshmen are descended from the black Moors!” I didn’t reply, but I started pathetically and lavishly kissing her shoulders with so much enthusiasm and feebly pushed my hard little dickie into her thighs to which my she simply and disinterestedly stated, “Not tonight, ok.”

2. My girlfriend was reading a tabloid article which featured Seal and Heidi Klum’s divorce. My girlfriend said, “I always think how well he’s done for himself. Heidi Klum is out of his league… No wonder she’s divorcing him. Mind you, I hope she got some good sex from him!” I duly explained that she was right, because legend has it that Heidi the Cuckoldress was first attracted to Seal when she saw him approaching wearing just tight bicycle shorts and couldn’t help but notice how well hung he was. My girlfriend laughed and said, “Yeah, she fell in love with his big black cock!”

3. While watching X Factor, the guest star was Rihanna. My girlfriend wondered, other than her well hung black ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who Rihanna might have dated, meaning slept with. She was shocked to hear this week that Rihanna may have hooked up with Ashton Kutcher! In fact, she denied they must have had sex, stating maybe their late nite rendezvous was for “business reasons”. “Maybe they’re collab’ing on a project!” Rihanna is a well known Size Queen who despises small penises and no one thinks Ashton has anything of size in his pants other than his wallet. Or maybe Rihanna was there to give Ashton some small penis humiliation!

4. We were about to head to bed and put a music channel on tv. It featured The Wanted, singing their new song, “Warzone”. As we watched the video, I could not believe it! It features the whole band being cuckolded. And in every case, the wimpy boy band stand and watch as their girls are expertly sexed up by a huge black stud! I was silent in shock as I took this in, only for my cuckold reverie to be interrupted when my girlfriend said, “I bet any white boys all feel pretty useless after they’ve seen THAT!” So I probed, “Seen what?” My girlfriend spelled it out, “Seen their girls getting it from a black guy. Getting interracial cuckolded. They won’t go back to their white boyfriends now! Once you go black, you never go back! Haha!” I know what my girlfriend said was a cliche, but after watching the music video, I wondered if The Wanted were just representing the collective feelings of white boys as their girlfriends all go black. And the song being titled “Warzone” leads me to believe that there might be symbolism to the feeling that whiteboys are watching their white girlfriends being sexually conquered by black men. And the feeling of being cuckolded by superior black men must feel like losing a war whiteboys can never win.

5. My girlfriend was having an espresso reading a fashion magazine and added more to our discussion about Heidi Klum and Seal earlier in the week, where we spoke about how Heidi the Cuckoldress had first been attracted to the bulge in Seal’s pants. My girlfriend commented that, “Heidi Klum is the most beautiful of all the models. Except maybe that blonde in the L’Oreal ads, whoever she is, you know the one.” I do ‘know the one’ and I know it’s Dutch hottie, Doutzen Kroes. I didn’t want to tell my girlfriend that Doutzen ALSO has a black husband and was pregnant by him, but I didn’t have the guts to tell her! I used to fantasize about Doutzen and look at her pictures when I masturbated. When I found out that Doutzen had gone “black”, I felt like such a cuckold. It has happened over and over that I have been cuckolded by celebrities – beautiful Cuckoldress girls sexually involved with superior black men.

6. When news broke about Cheryl Cole possibly hooking up with singer Taio Cruz in Heat magazine, my girlfriend read the article out loud to me (she never does this for vanilla relationships) and ended by saying, “Cheryl loves her black cock!” I totally accepted this statement and even rubber stamped it by saying, “Yeah totally. She does. You can tell she was never truly with that Derek Hough dancer. No chance! That was just a publicity relationship.” (Derek Hough is a blond dancer known for his work on Dancing with the Stars.) My girlfriend agreed. “I think that relationship was just rigged to get Cheryl press in the U.S. cuz she was going to be doing her tv show in the States. I think she was really into Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas. Shame he broke off with her.”

7. We’ve decided on going to Majorca for a quick getaway, because my girlfriend recommended we go there. When recounting her previous trip to the island of Majorca, she explained, “I was on a bus with another girl, I saw an amazing thing. I remember we sat in coach, and my friend tapped me on the shoulder and excitedly demanded that I look at what she was pointing at. When I looked, there was a black guy and he was wearing some shorts, you know like bicycle shorts that you mentioned Seal was wearing when Heidi Klum first spotted him. But you could see it hanging down his leg. Honestly, his cock was massive and was hanging right down his thigh.” I just meekly replied feeling small penis humiliation, “They do have much bigger cocks, yeah. Did he catch you looking at it?” My girlfriend explained, “No, we were both just sat staring at it for ages. We were able to stare without being seen. It was like we were hypnotized by it. Honestly, it was massive.” So I wondered if my girlfriend wanted to back to Majorca because of being hypnotized by black cock there! I truly felt cuckolded. I’ll have to write more after our trip!

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