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Cuckoldress vs. Cuckquean

from peewee cuckold, interpid UK blog reporter who expounds on the Cuckoldress vs. Cuckquean Dilemma involving glamour babe Alice Goodwin…

Alice Goodwin Cuckoldress Loves Big Black Cock

The ‘2011 White Goddess Of The Year’ and winner of ‘Zoo Magazine Hottest Body In The World’, Alice Goodwin, always hinted at her lust for black men. She previously detailed Lewis Hamilton as her type of man, in response to her disgusted dismissal of the suggestion that white boy Peter Crouch might even be attractive to any girl. And at the risk of sounding a tad crude, she certainly has a body that some might describe as ‘built for black cock’.

Well, Miss Goodwin has now proven herself to be as good as her word and reputation, and is now publicly and formally revealed as a black cock slut and Cuckoldress at the same time. Poor cuckquean Lana Murphy, fiance to black football stud Jermaine Pennant, while planning their intended wedding, she found out Jermaine was allegedly enjoying lust-filled romps with his now girlfriend Alice the Cuckoldress. Just as it is slightly intimidating for us normal white boys to hear Alice go on about black men and then to actually see her dating only young, black and rich studs, it must be difficult for all his many female fans, and particularly his gorgeous ex-girfriends, to see him with such a ridiculously proportioned, built-for-sex specimen of a woman. In fact, already the sweet looking cuckquean, Lara Murphy, is predictably and vindictively describing Pennant’s new BBC crazed girl as a ‘Cheap TV Porn Star’. Hell hath no fury like the cuckquean scorned.

Just as most UK white guys are now very much respectful of how most of our most beautiful models and singers will gravitate to big black men, I think the bitter, cuckqueaned girls such as Lara should appreciate that men as sought after as Mr. Pennant are always going to need the ultimate girl or Cuckoldress in their lives, so as to continue his impressive cuckolding of a nation of envious white boys. Instead, we should all just celebrate the union of Cuckoldress and Blacker of White Girls and wish them all the happiness in the world.

And Lara should settle back into her role as the cuckquean and respectfully raise their little mixed race baby, at least she can cash that monthly child support check, ka-ching! There is no need for her to fixate on the endless interracial sex that her ex will be having with Miss Goodwin, even though it probably will play out all over the tabloids, for the entire nation to see. Yes, it will be humiliating for her. Bless her, I’m sure there’ll be many white boys lining up to be her next man if she’d be prepared to settle for a white boy cuckold. We might not have the size or the attraction of her ex, but we would love her and help raise her mocha latte bambino without ever complaining.

You might recall that I have been effectively and pro-actively cuckolded by Jermaine Pennant before, at your behest, so I know how she feels. It was Mr. Pennant who was dating and engaged to my favourite Page 3 girl at that time, the lovely young thing called Amii Grove. Sara, The Cuckoldress, made me re-design her calendar, so as to ensure Amii’s exposed parts were covered by a picture of her with Mr. Pennant, and that pathetic, autobiographical interracial sex and cuckolding messages were written by me onto each monthly pic. As such, this image is still ingrained in my mind:

Jermaine Pennant Amii Grove Topless Interracial Sex

I find myself now being so respectful to Mr. Pennant. So your cuckolding task has worked. He’s not a popular football player, but whenever anyone criticizes him in my company, I vocally stand up for him, arguing that he is a good man and has a lot to offer. I almost see him as my Master in some way, if that makes sense.

So, whilst I would ordinarily condemn a man for neglecting his fiancée (and turning her into a cuckquean) for a sexier, younger hottie Cuckoldress, I must say that I fully support Mr. Pennant’s move. He is fulfilling a hugely important duty by ‘blacking’ the UK’s most popular girls. He is sending out the message that England’s most beautiful girls will flock to his cock, and that when they have it, they will be dizzy with lust. Trust me, we white boy sports cuckolds get the message: loud and clear!

Cuckoldress Story – Cuckolded by Black Cock


My Cuckoldress wife and I live in an upscale neighborhood in Las Vegas. We both work in the casino industry. This is how the cuckolding began… A married couple moved in across the street from us, a black couple I should note, the husband Daunte works security at a casino and the wife Orianna works from home, running a sex toy business and holding sex toy parties around Vegas including supplying sex toys to Vegas bachelorette parties and divorce parties. Both Daunte and Orianna are very tall and striking. In fact I overheard my wife talking to another neighbor on the phone that Daunte was “built”. It didn’t bother me, I kinda brushed it off. I was just glad someone moved into the house, because it was a foreclosure and all the neighbors had been taking turns mowing and cutting whatever grass or weeds grew out out of the desert sand.

Orianna and my wife hit it off and would lay out by our pool. Daunte and Orianna’s pool was being redone because it had turned dish detergent green with algae and slime during the foreclosure. Sometimes my wife and Orianna would make me bring them drinks when they were out by the pool. I didn’t feel like a cuckold, I just felt like I was being nice and neighborly.

Then Orianna held a sex toy party for all the neighborhood wives. I knew my wife already had a vibrator and a dildo. I never used them with her, I’m not sure how often she used her sex toys. I didn’t ask my wife, just like she didn’t ask me how often I jerked off. I thought our sex life was ok. We had sex once a month. Little did I know I was about to be turned into a cuckold by…ok you’re thinking Daunte…but no…I was cuckolded by a sex toy.

And I still am. A big black cock, the Lexington Steele dildo actually. My wife came home with the Lex the Impaler sex toy from the party. She said she couldn’t wait to use it. I kinda popped a boner hearing that so I said I would lick her pussy and use the big black cock toy on her pussy too. Which I did. OMG my wife never came so hard or got so wet. Was it the interracial sex or the size of the big black cock, I wondered… Then the next nite my wife said, let’s have sex again. I assumed this meant she wanted me to fuck her. No. This meant she wanted me to lick her pussy and use Lex (the name she gave to the big black cock dildo) on her pussy. This interracial Cuckoldress sex continued for months. I’m beginning to think it’s even more pathetic that while I was turned into a cuckold by Lexington Steele’s cock, it’s a lifelike dildo of Lex’s big black cock, instead of the real thing…

Almost every nite, I have to fuck my Cuckoldress wife’s pussy using the black cock. My Cuckoldress wife doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore and when I’ve begged for sex, she has made the jerk off motion with her hand toward me or once even gave me the finger! This is my wife?!?! I feel like such an interracial cuckold. I don’t know what to do about our sex life or cuckold marriage.

I’ve also found my Cuckoldress wife watching interracial sex porn. She even said that Orianna mentioned a porn convention coming up here in Vegas where Lexington Steele is making a personal appearance and that she and Orianna both want to meet him. All I could do was picture my Cuckoldress hot wife and Orianna getting into a mixed interracial sex threesome with Lex. This excited me so much I had to go jerk off to my cuckold fantasy.

So my questions for Dear Cuckoldress are: Should I accept my pathetic fate as a cuckold, cuckolded by a big black cock sex toy and be glad my wife isn’t actually fucking a black guy like Daunte or Lexington Steele? Or should I keep begging for some mercy sex from my Cuckoldress wife? I forgot to mention my cock size is an average 6 inches. Also, I have to mention my Cuckoldress wife has made me suck the pussy juices off of the big black cock dildo a few times and called me “cocksucker”. I don’t know if that’s worse than being called a cuckold? Thank you for answering my Cuckoldress questions and for any cuckold advice you might have for me.

Interracial Cuckolding Sex

Interracial cuckolding and interracial sex have been featured prominently on mainstream network and cable tv shows including Nip/Tuck, The Family Guy, The Simpsons and Frasier plus various tv commercials in the US, UK and Europe. I’ve blogged about some of the recent tv commercials including Axe Body Wash, Windows 7 and NFL Redzone Fantasy Football on Sara’s Playroom and on my Saras Playroom Blogspot Blog.

Are interracial cuckolding and interracial sex becoming a part of our collective cultures, accepted and even stereotyped? Or are television writers and producers still reaching for the shock value in splaying interracial sex and interracial cuckolding on the small screen?

One my cuckold sex slaves wrote me that he was watching an episode of Frasier in which sexy Jean Smart was playing the part of a bitchy real estate agent trying to sell a house owned by a sad, depressing little wimpy guy. The wimp mentions his wife, and she turns to him and sneers, “Don’t you remember? Your wife left you and moved to Portland with Lamar!” Cuckolded! I couldn’t locate this pivotal interracial cuckolding scene on Youtube unfortunately, but I did find an intriguing picture of Jean Smart petting a cock, alas, a white one.

Frasier is a sissy

I can only hope that the Cuckoldress wife and black stud Lamar were going to get all the proceeds of the sale of the house from the pathetic cuckold wimp. This is the way it should be! Cuckold wimps should make sacrifices for their Cuckoldress hot wives! And there should be more interracial sex and interracial cuckolding on tv shows and commercials, until it reaches saturation or weakens due to being over-stereotyped.

Sports Cuckold

Dear Cuckoldress,

I am in a relationship where everything is ok between me and my girlfriend except she is constantly talking about how “hot” certain athletes are or how they are “real men”. Or if one of her girlfriends is watching the same game that we are, then she and her gfs will be texting back and forth. I continually feel like a cuckold by how she talks about pro athletes.

Even though she claims I satisfy her in bed and I have a 6 1/2″ cock that is thicker at the base of the shaft which she likes, she constantly makes me feel like less of a man when we watch sports together. She will say stuff when we are watching bullriding, like some rider is so hot in his Wranglers, only real men ride bulls, is the PBR coming to our area, she and her gfs will have to get tickets. Not like, oh let’s go see the bullriding honey. Nope. She wants to check out the bullriders up close with her gfs. So I guess I’m not a real man, but a cuckold to her in comparison to Alpha male pro athletes.

Then when we watch football, she’s constantly hot for the black guys, or she is talking about Mark Sanchez, the quarterback of the New York Jets if we’re watching a Jets game. I even saw her text one of her friends that she was “crushing on Sanchez, bet he is hung unlike Favre”. You’d think all this sex stuff would make her want me after the game. Nosirree. Every time I put a move on her after a game, she will only let me lick her pussy and use her big black dildo on her pussy and she tells me I can just jerk off. Am I a cuckold to her big black dildo and her fantasy athlete fuck?

I can’t even watch sports with her unless I want to be turned into a cuckold during the whole game or race or event. Am I a sports cuckold? Is she a Sports Cuckoldress? She doesn’t seem to cuckold me outside of sports!

My response about Sports Cuckold will be in my Dear Cuckoldress column…

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