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Get cuckolded on webcam by the tour de force Cuckoldress, Mistress Anna. Perhaps you want Mistress Anna to role play that she is your gorgeous blonde girlfriend who is getting dressed in sexy stockings, garter belt, lingerie and stilettos to wear out on a date, while you, her pathetic cuckold boyfriend must stay at home and endure this humiliation. You will also pay your cuckold slave tax so that cuckold Mistress Anna can splurge on an expensive bottle of wine on this date. Of course, Anna knows that you are excited by such extreme humiliation and domination.

Mistress Anna will become your preeminent Dominatrix, cuckolding you even in your dreams. All it will take is one Femdom cam show to get you hooked on her beauty and cuckolding power over you. Mistress Anna is known as Mistress Nylons, renowned for her long, sexy legs and penchant for wearing expensive stockings and high heels,all the better to tease you with!

You will feel like such a lowly cuckold while Miss Anna selects her sexiest outfit to wear for her boyfriend, a real man, unlike you. Your cam Mistress has all the power now and you must submit and obey. You exist to serve her and make her life rich with experiences of her choice, not yours. A beautiful Domme like Anna is more than you deserve, which is why you must pay for every minute of her attention on her Dominatrix webcam. It is even a privilege to view her blog, and see all of the alluring photos and screen captures of her live Mistress cam shows. Follow Mistress Anna on Twitter @MistressNylons

Financial Domination is Cuckolding

Recently, an intriguing article in the New York Observer focused on the fascination with one of the most misunderstood fetishes on the planet, financial domination. Most mainstream media articles shock and mislead readers about findom. Some articles tout the pursuit as bossy, talentless girls looking for easy money. Other articles position greedy financial dominatrices plying their trade by swindling, blackmailing, extorting, etc. Finally, the Observer article titled “Hardcore Money Managers” got it right in an explicit sense. However, what was implicit in the article is that financial domination is a form of cuckolding. Below is a quote from the article where a finsub explains the evolutionary relationship dynamic between Money Domme and money slave:

Findom Cuckolding

The relationship of finsub to Financial Domme is essentially cuckold to Cuckoldress. A finsub is a cuckold who recognizes that a Financial Domme is an Alpha Female Cuckoldress. A Cuckoldress finesses beta males to bestow her with cash and gifts. This behavior is what beta males have done in deference to an Alpha Female throughout evolution. The Findom Cuckoldress uses the gifts (examples: clothing, jewelry, heels, vacations) purchased by finsubs to attract or excite her Alpha Male lovers. She can spend the cash to feather her nest or to lure Alpha Males to her bed. All the elements of cuckolding are in play. The Alpha Female reinforces her Alpha Cuckoldress status while enforcing the role of the beta males as cuckolds. Cuckolds are expressly not for mating, they are expected to be providers and to improve the quality of life of superior females. It’s all based on tenets of evolutionary biology. The strongest and most desirable females focus on mating with the strongest and most desirable males. When cuckolds perform their duties, they support the perpetuation of the species at a primal level.

Read the New York Observer financial domination article here

Cuckoldress Fail

Cuckold vs. Cuckoldress

There was an intriguing article on recently about a cuckold relationship in which the girlfriend felt that she had been used to satisfy her ex-boyfriend’s cuckold fetish. While the idea of being a Cuckoldress and living the lifestyle appealed to her and while she craved having the power, she ended up feeling trapped in the cuckold relationship instead. In her confessional story, this woman felt she had been manipulated by her ex-boyfriend. She divulged that she felt post-relationship remorse over how her ex-boyfriend had put his selfish sexual needs ahead of hers. He topped her from the bottom, as beta males or submissives or cuckolds are sometimes known to do in order to try to get what they want. I doubt she will ever get involved with a cucky again. Was this a Cuckoldress fail? Not essentially. The sexual freedom to pursue lusty liaisons with well-hung men or Alpha males while being in a relationship with a cuck simply did not appeal to her.

Cuckold Fetish

Many men do not start out in their sex life as a cuckold. Somewhere along the way, cucks develop these sexual tendencies and then their full-blown fetish follows. Just like any fetish introduced into a relationship, it may not be a “shared” fetish. A cuck cannot expect that his spouse, his girlfriend or any woman he meets will share this fetish with him. Becoming a Cuckoldress usually roots in dominance or desire for sexual freedom and power. While I often discuss with men who call for cuckold phone sex, how to get their wives or girlfriends interested in cuckolding them, there are obviously women who will not want to pursue this whatsoever. There are many reasons why women may not want to pursue cuckolding their mate. Women may be sexually conservative, feel insecure about their looks, consider cuckolding to be cheating, feel no need to sleep with other men, feel that fantasizing or role playing is enough of a satisfying sexual expression, etc. But there are some women who can be persuaded to go further into cuckoldry. I don’t want to divulge my secrets here on how to turn your wife or girlfriend into a Cuckoldress. But one hint is that you have to let her think it’s her idea, not yours. Call me live on Niteflirt for more.

Size Queen Craves Big Black Cocks

peewee cuckold writes about how a UK Size Queen craves big black cocks and massive black dildos …

My fiancée had a long chat with me about her best friend last weekend. She admitted that her friend likes big cocks and told me a quick story about a white boy who had tried to make love to her friend. He had a small dick and was told to stop after less than a minute because “she couldn’t even feel him”! I used the term Size Queen to describe her and my fiancée agreed, explaining that her friend has become that way, and now the first thing she mentions when recounting a new date is the size of the new man’s penis. When I acted saddened and suggested that perhaps my fiancée felt and acted in the same way, she reacted sympathetically by reassuring me that she is not like that (hmmmm???? I was not convinced). She then added that she might have become that way if she’d stayed single for long enough and had hung out with her Size Queen girlfriend more often. She explained that she and her friend had bought dildos together when they were both single. She went for an average size, but her friend chose a massive lifelike one (I resisted the urge to ask the colour!). My fiancée feels that her friend has ruined herself for normal men by over using the massive dildo. Out of curiosity, I asked my girl how big the one she bought was, and she opened her hands and said “about that big, not too much bigger than yours”. I shriveled inside, as I recalled her earlier description of her dildo size as “average”.

Following immediately on from that, and whilst still on the same topic, she described her friend as more promiscuous since they have gone their separate ways because of me. He friend now goes out with other girls and is more intent on ‘pulling’. My fiancée described how the only time that either she or her friend had ‘pulled’ when out together was when she came out of the toilets to see her friend against a wall being passionately kissed by a big black man. Apparently, they had been talking to two Canadian boxers in a club, and my girl says she spent about a minute just staring as her friend was kissed and mauled by one of these studs. My fiancée says she recalls seeing his pink tongue in her mouth.

I asked whether, if my girl had been supportive of the situation, perhaps encouraging her friend to leave shortly thereafter, her friend might have had a really good night with this man. My girl responded by stating “It’s true that she does like black men.” I couldn’t resist submissively linking the two conversations. I put all recognition of inadequacy and humiliation aside, and in a statement that would have made you proud Empress Sara, I said to my fiancée; “I think your friend should find herself a big black man. If she likes black men. I mean. let’s face it, at least she’d get the big cock that she needs that way.” My fiancée responded: “Yeah, she would. That’s true.”

I decided not to push it any more. But in one conversation she’d admitted/reiterated that her friend is a Size Queen, she thinks my dickie is smaller than average and that she’s very much aware that black men have bigger cocks. Which makes me think she may well harbour real desires to go black. And I promise Empress, if she does cuckold me, just as you have been doing for years, I will accept and support that.

Lesbian Cuckoldress

Dear Sara – I’m not sure if I ran into a lesbian cuckoldress situation, but I know I got cucked. I thought I was going to be doing a threesome with these two hot chicks I met at a party. We went back to the one chick’s apartment. We were peeling our clothes off. The chicks started to 69 each other right in front of me. I tried to join in at that point and they told me to wait and watch. I thought ok, I’ll just stroke and watch. It’s not every night that you get to see two hot chicks licking each other live, instead of watching a lesbian sex video clip on xhamster.

But then I tried to join in again and this time they told me to go sit in the corner and watch. There was a chair in the corner of this chick’s bedroom, some dirty clothes of hers were laying on it. I sat down and took a pair of her panties that were on the chair and began stroking with those. The chicks were cumming and I was trying not to cum cos I knew any second they’d need my hard cock. Then the chick who lived in the apartment got up, opened a drawer in her dresser and took out some vibrators. They went back to their 69 and the vibrators sounded like a swarm of bees in the room. I was slowing down my stroke, hoping they’d need me any second.

OK I’m not a bad looking guy, I work out so my body looks good, my dick is 7″ with a nice cut head on it. Why didn’t they want me now? So I went over to them again and the one chick said, I told you to sit in the corner! Damn, that chick was denying me. I went back and sat down and stroked. The girls had so many orgasms I lost count. I finally was in that frenzy of stroking that I knew I had to blow a load, nothing could stop me, I was too far along and so then I just blew it in her panties. I don’t even know if they noticed I struck white oil and cum gushed into the chick’s panties, they were too locked up in that 69.

After they were drunk on orgasms, they just laid on the bed and kissed each other and were saying how good each other’s pussies tasted. Then they looked up and one chick said, you’re still here? I felt like such a cuck! Had I been totally cuckolded by lesbians or bisexual chicks from the get-go? If I was black and had 10″ would they have cucked me? Was it because I was just some white guy with a 7″ dick, nothing spectacular? Was it because I didn’t step up my game and say: don’t tell me to go sit in the corner, I have the cock you need, put those vibrators away? Maybe they thought I was too submissive, too into jerking off? Was the one chick a cuckoldress?

I’ll never know. I got dressed and left. Ha, at least my friends thought I did the two hottest chicks at the party, so I pretended I did and that I was such a stud. Until one of chicks posted on my Facebook: Jerk Off Loser! Panty Faggot Pussyboy Stroker! I hadn’t logged in for a few days and a few of my friends saw it on my wall. So I was busted. Do you think they were lesbians Cuckoldress and they wanted to humiliate me? Please help me. I need to figure this out.

Black Bull

Cuckoldress Sara,

I have to confess something about one of my neighbors. We live in a very upscale neighborhood of executive homes where most of the homes border a private golf course. You know the big McMansions with well manicured lawns, swimming pools, SUVs or luxury cars in the driveways. Well, a few of my other neighbors and my wife and I thought one of our neighbors, the X’s (don’t want to reveal their last name) were into drugs. Why? We kept seeing 3 nights a week (at least), the same black guy stop over and leave after about an hour, maybe less. We thought he was a drug dealer and our neighbors were buying drugs from him. Talk about racial profiling. We were guilty! But, our neighbors didn’t seem like the type to do drugs. The wife is smoking hot, blond, big fake boobs, sexy as hell, and owns a business where she imports hair extensions from China and makes a mint. The husband was an executive a large corporation, kind of overweight and wimpy and lost his job in the economic downturn. But the wife’s business was going like gangbusters, so they weren’t in any danger of losing their home. Finally, one of the nosiest of our neighbors asked the blond hot wife what the deal was with their black “friend” and the blond hot wife laughed and revealed he was her black bull lover! So she was a cuckoldress and her wimpy out of work hubby was a cuckold! Then the word got out that this was a blacks on blonds cuckold sex relationship. We all felt guilty for thinking the black guy was a drug dealer and not a well hung black bull taking care of the sex needs of the blond cuckoldress!

Feeling Guilty

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