Sheer Control by Zara Lynne, a novel about a shared wife

In the ebook Sheer Control by Zara Lynne, a novel about a shared wife, a submissive wife begins to explore her sexuality and taking lovers outside her marriage relationship. The couple is traveling in the south of France, and staying in a post card picture perfect city. The locale adds to the ambience of the novel. The wife is extremely sexy. The husband notices that French men are attracted to her. He encourages her to explore desires she hasn’t so far expressed, in taking other men to bed as a shared wife. She is a submissive wife versus a classic cuckoldress, but her husband must still deal with his feelings of jealousy as he watches his stunning wife having sex with other men.

In the previous article here on Cuckoldress, the sexual benefits of swinging vs. cuckolding were discussed by a swinging couple, but in this book, there is a different dynamic. The sexual dynamic is that of a shared wife, where the husband has given permission to a submissive wife to take other lovers, and who then enjoys the voyeuristic aspect of watching her with other men. And, in turn, she begins to enjoy the exhibitionism of being with other men sexually to please and arouse her husband. Her husband is not so much as a cuckold, since he isn’t dealing with the classic cuckold humiliation, but instead is infused with even more desire for her. And while any husband setting his wife free sexually, meaning as a shared wife, will have to deal with some jealousies, their marriage becomes more sexually charged. Remember that our largest sexual organ is our brain, and that we can experience heightened arousal, more so than from just sex, from experiencing visual stimulation such as exhibitionism. The Cuckoldress highly recommends this classy erotica, Sheer Control by Zara Lynne as well as her other ebooks in the same series!

Sheer Control Zara Lynne
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