Interracial Cuckolding

UK Interracial Cuckolding Update by peewee cuckold …

Glamour Girl Kelly Brook has Gone Black!

The UK’s most popular glamour girl, Kelly Brook, has finally gone black and become one of the ultimate Cuckoldresses. There were been rumours before, but now it’s official, she’s dating David McIntosh, as per the pic below. A lot of British whitebois believed Kelly to be the most naturally sexy girl in Britain. So, it is special to see this figurehead of beauty being finally unleashed on a real man, and I’m wasting no opportunity to draw it to your blog readers’ attention. I can tell it has even registered deeply with my fiancee as she looked at photos of them together online, but she’s not drawn to much discussion yet. The most she’s managed is, “They look right together.” Now Kelly Brook is cuckolding all the whitebois in the UK with her muscular black bull.

US Interracial Cuckolding update from Sara … Yes, peewee, even stateside, Kelly Brook and her black beefcake boyfriend are catching on, well, especially her boyfriend, they were featured on TMZ vacationing here in Miami Beach!

Interracial Sex Sterotype?

My fiancee and I went for an Indian meal at a restaurant recently and were forced to wait in the upstairs bar area for an hour before being seated. Another couple in that area were a pretty brunette and a black man. I did not mention anything, but sure enough my fiancee whispered into my ear, “She must like dirty sex then!” I looked around and realized she meant the young brunette, and replied “Why?”. My fiancee explained “Well, she must like big cock. I bet she likes it rough. They use their big cocks from behind and pull hair and stuff, don’t they?!” It was more a statement than a question. But I thought long and hard how best to reply. I didn’t want to dispel the notion that black men are better endowed or better in bed than whitebois. That would betray all your teachings, Sara. So, I replied, “Just because they’ve got bigger cocks doesn’t mean they’re all dirty and rough. He might be very sensitive when he needs to be. The rough sex is a stereotype I think that porn videos put out there.” My fiancee disagreed and said she thinks it’s true based on what her girlfriends who have been with black men told her about their interracial sex experiences. It made me wonder if there is in interracial sex stereotype or whether it’s true if black men are more sexually aggressive than white men.

Cuckolded by Pharrell!

We were watching MTV and a video by Pharrell came on. My fiancee kept saying – again – how much she loved him. I then mocked shock and said I had better watch her. My fiancee replied, “If we were out together, and Pharrell was there, I wouldn’t just leave you for him!” I had never suggested she might. Which made me think she must have been imagining such a scenario herself!! Little does my fiancee know that deep down I dream of being her cuckold, as she entertains a string of huge black men. I want it SO badly!

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