Wuthering Heights Interracial Cuckold Remake

from peewee cuckold, UK correspondent commenting on the Wuthering Heights interracial cuckold remake…

Recently, I watched the UK’s latest version of Wuthering Heights. No, not the Masterpiece Theatre remake starring the hotness of Tom Hardy, but the Wuthering Heights interracial cuckold remake from 2011 now on the telly. To sex up the literary classic, Wuthering Heights, the English director concluded that it would need to reflect the erotic desires of the UK and cast a black man as Heathcliff. In this version of Wuthering Heights, a poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. This story was based on the classic novel by Emily Bronte. Next time I see it scheduled on the telly, I want to show my fiancee that the true classical romantics, the true Alpha males and the true sexual studs in our country are now black men.

I know I will feel ultra cuckolded as I explain to my fiancee how the director felt the need to remake the classic film from the novel interracial style with a black man cast as the intense brooding Heathcliff. Now, some women think that Tom Hardy is hot and hung and made a perfectly fine white Heathcliff in the Masterpiece Theatre remake. But to see a black man chasing after the lily white, beautiful Cathy on the moors was very stirring and erotic and made me feel cuckolded to watch. I had to wonder if the director is a cuck, too!

Turned into a Cuckold


Here is my embarrassing confession for your blog readers about how I was turned into a cuckold without even realizing. When my wife and I were first dating, it was only a few weeks into our dating relationship when she brought over her big black dildo to play with. Instead of me being a man and saying, get that thing out of here, my cock is enough for you (I have 7 inches), she made me lick her pussy while I fucked her with the BBC toy. She got so wet. I would fuck her after the toy had been inside of her and let me tell you that this sex was like sloppy seconds. She was so wet, my cock would slip out of her especially in certain positions like doggy-style. I should have known I was being cuckolded, but I thought it was just what she liked sexually, that she was a little kinky. Then one night when we were out at a club, she told me how at this very club about a year ago, she had fucked a black guy in the bathroom. While I thought that was kind of sexy and edgy, I didn’t know how edgy until she added that she had gone to the club with her white ex-boyfriend (meaning her boyfriend at the time) and hooked up with the black guy in the bathroom. She said she and her ex went home and fucked, but she had made him lick her pussy first. He had commented that her pussy was very salty and she said it was from dancing at the club, the sweat. He believed her! I thought wow he was so naive. But, I definitely kept my eyes on her all night at the club and watched every move she made!

Cheating vs Cuckolding

Little did I realize that my girlfriend, now my wife, would be cuckolding me, not just with a BBC dildo, but by going out and having sex with black men at her whim. And when I confronted her about cheating on me, she said she wasn’t cheating on me, that I knew she loved big black cocks from the time we first met! Deeper into our argument, I even mentioned the word cuckold and she didn’t even know what it meant! She was doing this to me, out of sexual desire, out of need, without any knowledge of the concept of cuckolding. After that night, I didn’t even want to admit to myself that I was a cuckold. I tried to brush it off thinking that she was just cheating. But then I realized that I was a cuck and that I needed to accept it and if I wanted to keep my beautiful wife, I’d have to let her fuck well-hung black bulls so that she could experience the ultimate sexual satisfaction she craved, that she could not get from me. And so that is where our relationship is now, and descending deeper into cuckoldry as I now eagerly lick out creampies after she returns home after fucking one of her BBC bulls.

Lesbian Cuckoldress

Dear Sara – I’m not sure if I ran into a lesbian cuckoldress situation, but I know I got cucked. I thought I was going to be doing a threesome with these two hot chicks I met at a party. We went back to the one chick’s apartment. We were peeling our clothes off. The chicks started to 69 each other right in front of me. I tried to join in at that point and they told me to wait and watch. I thought ok, I’ll just stroke and watch. It’s not every night that you get to see two hot chicks licking each other live, instead of watching a lesbian sex video clip on xhamster.

But then I tried to join in again and this time they told me to go sit in the corner and watch. There was a chair in the corner of this chick’s bedroom, some dirty clothes of hers were laying on it. I sat down and took a pair of her panties that were on the chair and began stroking with those. The chicks were cumming and I was trying not to cum cos I knew any second they’d need my hard cock. Then the chick who lived in the apartment got up, opened a drawer in her dresser and took out some vibrators. They went back to their 69 and the vibrators sounded like a swarm of bees in the room. I was slowing down my stroke, hoping they’d need me any second.

OK I’m not a bad looking guy, I work out so my body looks good, my dick is 7″ with a nice cut head on it. Why didn’t they want me now? So I went over to them again and the one chick said, I told you to sit in the corner! Damn, that chick was denying me. I went back and sat down and stroked. The girls had so many orgasms I lost count. I finally was in that frenzy of stroking that I knew I had to blow a load, nothing could stop me, I was too far along and so then I just blew it in her panties. I don’t even know if they noticed I struck white oil and cum gushed into the chick’s panties, they were too locked up in that 69.

After they were drunk on orgasms, they just laid on the bed and kissed each other and were saying how good each other’s pussies tasted. Then they looked up and one chick said, you’re still here? I felt like such a cuck! Had I been totally cuckolded by lesbians or bisexual chicks from the get-go? If I was black and had 10″ would they have cucked me? Was it because I was just some white guy with a 7″ dick, nothing spectacular? Was it because I didn’t step up my game and say: don’t tell me to go sit in the corner, I have the cock you need, put those vibrators away? Maybe they thought I was too submissive, too into jerking off? Was the one chick a cuckoldress?

I’ll never know. I got dressed and left. Ha, at least my friends thought I did the two hottest chicks at the party, so I pretended I did and that I was such a stud. Until one of chicks posted on my Facebook: Jerk Off Loser! Panty Faggot Pussyboy Stroker! I hadn’t logged in for a few days and a few of my friends saw it on my wall. So I was busted. Do you think they were lesbians Cuckoldress and they wanted to humiliate me? Please help me. I need to figure this out.

Cuckold Story

I was cuckolded by my girlfriend, Fabiola, who is now my ex-girlfriend. We were living together, but she was always out partying with her friends from work. To make a long cuckold story short, and pun intended about my short dick, she met another guy and then one evening, I got home from work and she was gone. I know you need details for anything you post on Cuckoldress, so here are some details about me and Fabiola:

She would get home late, a little boozed up and never want sex with me. Not that I could blame her, she mocked how my tiny penis couldn’t get her off and she couldn’t feel it the few times we did have sex. So our sex life was me jerking off to porn and calling cuckold phone sex lines and her getting fucked by other men.

I knew it was only a matter of time before she left, but until then, at least all my friends and colleagues didn’t think I was a pindick loser. They thought I had a hot piece living with me and everything was literally just “fab”. Fabiola didn’t even tell me she was leaving me and moving in with some other dude. She texted me later that night that she had forgotten some things and told me to put them in a bag, that she and her new man would be by to pick them up. Nothing about “goodbye” or “I left”. But I guess that was obvious.

Her new man even owned a car she said (I live in New York City and don’t own a car and the way she said it made it seem like he was superior for owning a car and keeping a car garaged in the city), so they’d swing by and he’d double park while she ran up to pick up the stuff she forgot. Like a dutiful cuckold, I found all the things she forgot and put them into a shopping bag and waited for her to show up. When she buzzed, I let her in, and I was actually kinda erect.

Fabiola is a stunning Brazilian girl who works for a modeling agency in the city. She has amazing tan skin, long dark hair, full lips. On retrospect, I think she was really only after a place to live. But later she told me, she was finding out after coming to NYC to work, that she could get men to do what she wanted. Why should she have to pay rent or spend any of her money. Men should spend money on her. Obviously, I was an easy target, a small dick loser she turned into a cuckold who she could manipulate emotionally and financially. I had even given her credit cards to use for shopping and she shopped and spent whatever she wanted, leaving me with huge credit card bills to deal with. But I knew if I complained, she might leave me. So, I let her shop to her heart’s content.

The dirty: Fabi used me as a cuckold while she went “real man” shopping. She even told me when she walked in to get her bag that her new dude was a real man and I was not. Her new man had a huge cock. Her new man made more money than me. Then she proceeded to pull down her little shorts and panties and showed me her pussy and said this was the last time I would ever see her pussy and I better get on my knees and kiss it goodbye. At this point I was so aroused seeing her hypnotic pussy, I dropped to my knees in front of her and kissed her pussy lips. Then told me I was such a corno (the word for cuckold in Portuguese) and pulled up her panties and shorts, took her bag and left. I hope you can use my cuckold story for your blog. I know if you post it, just reading it on your blog will make me feel weak and humiliated.

Cuckoldress Story – Cuckolded by Black Cock


My Cuckoldress wife and I live in an upscale neighborhood in Las Vegas. We both work in the casino industry. This is how the cuckolding began… A married couple moved in across the street from us, a black couple I should note, the husband Daunte works security at a casino and the wife Orianna works from home, running a sex toy business and holding sex toy parties around Vegas including supplying sex toys to Vegas bachelorette parties and divorce parties. Both Daunte and Orianna are very tall and striking. In fact I overheard my wife talking to another neighbor on the phone that Daunte was “built”. It didn’t bother me, I kinda brushed it off. I was just glad someone moved into the house, because it was a foreclosure and all the neighbors had been taking turns mowing and cutting whatever grass or weeds grew out out of the desert sand.

Orianna and my wife hit it off and would lay out by our pool. Daunte and Orianna’s pool was being redone because it had turned dish detergent green with algae and slime during the foreclosure. Sometimes my wife and Orianna would make me bring them drinks when they were out by the pool. I didn’t feel like a cuckold, I just felt like I was being nice and neighborly.

Then Orianna held a sex toy party for all the neighborhood wives. I knew my wife already had a vibrator and a dildo. I never used them with her, I’m not sure how often she used her sex toys. I didn’t ask my wife, just like she didn’t ask me how often I jerked off. I thought our sex life was ok. We had sex once a month. Little did I know I was about to be turned into a cuckold by…ok you’re thinking Daunte…but no…I was cuckolded by a sex toy.

And I still am. A big black cock, the Lexington Steele dildo actually. My wife came home with the Lex the Impaler sex toy from the party. She said she couldn’t wait to use it. I kinda popped a boner hearing that so I said I would lick her pussy and use the big black cock toy on her pussy too. Which I did. OMG my wife never came so hard or got so wet. Was it the interracial sex or the size of the big black cock, I wondered… Then the next nite my wife said, let’s have sex again. I assumed this meant she wanted me to fuck her. No. This meant she wanted me to lick her pussy and use Lex (the name she gave to the big black cock dildo) on her pussy. This interracial Cuckoldress sex continued for months. I’m beginning to think it’s even more pathetic that while I was turned into a cuckold by Lexington Steele’s cock, it’s a lifelike dildo of Lex’s big black cock, instead of the real thing…

Almost every nite, I have to fuck my Cuckoldress wife’s pussy using the black cock. My Cuckoldress wife doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore and when I’ve begged for sex, she has made the jerk off motion with her hand toward me or once even gave me the finger! This is my wife?!?! I feel like such an interracial cuckold. I don’t know what to do about our sex life or cuckold marriage.

I’ve also found my Cuckoldress wife watching interracial sex porn. She even said that Orianna mentioned a porn convention coming up here in Vegas where Lexington Steele is making a personal appearance and that she and Orianna both want to meet him. All I could do was picture my Cuckoldress hot wife and Orianna getting into a mixed interracial sex threesome with Lex. This excited me so much I had to go jerk off to my cuckold fantasy.

So my questions for Dear Cuckoldress are: Should I accept my pathetic fate as a cuckold, cuckolded by a big black cock sex toy and be glad my wife isn’t actually fucking a black guy like Daunte or Lexington Steele? Or should I keep begging for some mercy sex from my Cuckoldress wife? I forgot to mention my cock size is an average 6 inches. Also, I have to mention my Cuckoldress wife has made me suck the pussy juices off of the big black cock dildo a few times and called me “cocksucker”. I don’t know if that’s worse than being called a cuckold? Thank you for answering my Cuckoldress questions and for any cuckold advice you might have for me.

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