Swinging and the Cuckold Lifestyle

guest post by an Australian couple exploring the swinging lifestyle and how it differs from the cuckolding lifestyle…

As anyone involved in the lifestyle will know, being a cuckold can take many forms and means different things to everyone. Some couples engaging in the milder forms of this relationship dynamic may choose not to directly involve other people in order for the cuckolding to take place. This may be in the form of sharing photographs of one’s partners or inviting others to engage in erotic conversation or role play based around the theme of taking sexual control out of the cuck’s hands. Given the exciting but potentially extreme nature of a cuckold relationship, for a number of couples this hands off approach offers much of the benefits of sexual contact with others but without any of the potentially intrusive negative elements.

For couples more deeply involved with the cuckold idea, there is usually an involvement with the swingers lifestyle in order to facilitate inclusion of additional sexual partners from outside established relationships. Although cuckolding fits extremely nicely with swinging, the “standard” swinging scene does not generally fulfill the same desires as cuckolding. For many couples, the sharing element of partner swapping is based on a foundation of trust and equality which are precisely the opposite of what a cuckolding interactions seeks to explore. Of course cuckold relationships must have even stronger trust than regular swingers’ relationships, but the act of cuckolding is a fundamentally different interaction to that of standard sex with someone other than your usual sexual partner.

On a recent trip to Australia my partner and I were lucky enough to attend a party organized to allow a group of Sydney swingers to explore the cuckold dynamic in a safe and supportive way. Many of this group were very experienced swingers who had been on the scene for some time and had gradually gravitated towards the idea of cuckolding as opposed to the (for experienced swingers) standard idea of vanilla partner swapping. It was extremely interesting to discuss how each couple had a slightly different take on the idea of cuckolding and the variety of combinations and situations they found stimulating.

After a few hours of very sociable and frank conversation, couples started pairing off with other couples who shared compatible ideas and eventually retired to some of the play rooms together. Sometime later, as people drifted back to the bar area afterwards, there was an excellent atmosphere with a palpable sexual tension borne of the exploration that had happened during the evening. Couples discussed what had gone on and how their experiences could be extended with some being content to gently play with the ideas they’d explored and others considering how to make the ultimate leap into the totally immersive 24/7 lifestyle that true cuckold couples enjoy.

For us it was only even going to be another holiday experiment and a way to explore our own sexuality as individuals and as a couple, but it was an extremely exciting evening and it proved once again that swingers are indeed some of the most interesting and sexually dynamic people you can hope to meet.