Cuckoldress Fail?

Cuckold vs. Cuckoldress

There was an intriguing article on recently about a cuckold relationship in which the girlfriend felt that she had been used to satisfy her ex-boyfriend’s cuckold fetish. While the idea of being a Cuckoldress and living the lifestyle appealed to her and while she craved having the power, she ended up feeling trapped in the cuckold relationship instead. In her confessional story, this woman felt she had been manipulated by her ex-boyfriend. She divulged that she felt post-relationship remorse over how her ex-boyfriend had put his selfish sexual needs ahead of hers. He topped her from the bottom, as beta males, submissives or cuckolds are sometimes known to do in order to try to get what they want. I doubt she will ever get involved with a cuckold again. Was this a Cuckoldress fail? Not essentially. The sexual freedom to pursue lusty liaisons with well-hung men or Alpha males while being in a relationship with a cuckold simply did not work for her.

Cuckold Fetish

Many men do not start out in their sex life as a cuckold. Somewhere along the way, cuckolds develop these sexual tendencies and then their full-blown fetish follows. Just like any fetish introduced into a relationship, it may not be a “shared” fetish. A cucky cannot expect that his spouse, his girlfriend or any woman he meets will share this fetish with him. Becoming a Cuckoldress usually roots in dominance or desire for sexual freedom and power. While I often discuss with men who call for cuckold phone sex, how to get their wives or girlfriends interested in cuckolding them, there are obviously women who do not want to pursue this whatsoever. There are many reasons why women may not want to indulge in a cuckold relationship. Women may be sexually conservative, feel insecure about their looks, consider cuckolding to be cheating, feel no need to sleep with other men, feel that fantasizing or role playing is enough of a satisfying sexual expression, etc. But there are some women who can be persuaded to go further into cuckoldry. I don’t want to divulge my secrets here on how to turn your wife or girlfriend into a Cuckoldress. But one hint is that you have to let her think it’s her idea, not yours. Call me live on Niteflirt for more.

Turned into a Cuckold


Here is my embarrassing confession for your blog readers about how I was turned into a cuckold without even realizing. When my wife and I were first dating, it was only a few weeks into our dating relationship when she brought over her big black dildo to play with. Instead of me being a man and saying, get that thing out of here, my cock is enough for you (I have 7 inches), she made me lick her pussy while I fucked her with the BBC toy. She got so wet. I would fuck her after the toy had been inside of her and let me tell you that this sex was like sloppy seconds. She was so wet, my cock would slip out of her especially in certain positions like doggy-style. I should have known I was being cuckolded, but I thought it was just what she liked sexually, that she was a little kinky. Then one night when we were out at a club, she told me how at this very club about a year ago, she had fucked a black guy in the bathroom. While I thought that was kind of sexy and edgy, I didn’t know how edgy until she added that she had gone to the club with her white ex-boyfriend (meaning her boyfriend at the time) and hooked up with the black guy in the bathroom. She said she and her ex went home and fucked, but she had made him lick her pussy first. He had commented that her pussy was very salty and she said it was from dancing at the club, the sweat. He believed her! I thought wow he was so naive. But, I definitely kept my eyes on her all night at the club and watched every move she made!

Cheating vs Cuckolding

Little did I realize that my girlfriend, now my wife, would be cuckolding me, not just with a BBC dildo, but by going out and having sex with black men at her whim. And when I confronted her about cheating on me, she said she wasn’t cheating on me, that I knew she loved big black cocks from the time we first met! Deeper into our argument, I even mentioned the word cuckold and she didn’t even know what it meant! She was doing this to me, out of sexual desire, out of need, without any knowledge of the concept of cuckolding. After that night, I didn’t even want to admit to myself that I was a cuckold. I tried to brush it off thinking that she was just cheating. But then I realized that I was a cuck and that I needed to accept it and if I wanted to keep my beautiful wife, I’d have to let her fuck well-hung black bulls so that she could experience the ultimate sexual satisfaction she craved, that she could not get from me. And so that is where our relationship is now, and descending deeper into cuckoldry as I now eagerly lick out creampies after she returns home after fucking one of her BBC bulls.

Big Black Cock


Here is my sad pathetic story about how I got cuckolded by my girlfriend. My girlfriend is always talking about celebrities and loves to read celebrity blogs and especially comments about interracial relationships. She watches the Kardashians reality tv show and then tells me how much Kim and Khloe love big black cock and that she’s seen black cock pictures on the internet and they look so huge. When she tells me this, my whiteboy dick starts to shrink in fear, but then gets hard, knowing how excited she is by black men and their big cocks. One night we had a fight while we were out at a club, we’d been drinking. Whenever she drinks, she gets a little crazy. I shouldn’t have left her there alone, but I did. I knew she could get home to our apartment in a taxi so I wasn’t worried. Well, she didn’t roll in till about 6 a.m. It was light outside and she looked like a ragdoll. Her hair was all messed up, her dress was like, I looked at it and realized her tight black dress with laser cut slits was on backwards. Her stockings were gone. She had no lip gloss left on her lips. She said she needed to take a shower. I could smell rum on her breath when I kissed her, she had been been drinking rum and diet cokes all night. But I also swore I could smell something saltier, like sweat or cum or something.

So I went back to bed and lay there. She took her shower then came in the bedroom. She had popped on one of her little sleep t-shirts and climbed into bed. I tried to have sex with her, but she pushed me away and said she was too tired. Later that morning, but close to noon, while she was still sleeping, her cell phone was vibrating like off the hook. She doesn’t keep her cell phone locked down, so I thought, shit, I’ll check her text messages. Some are from her girls wanting to know if she’s ok, and the others are from a number I don’t recognize. “Is your pussy sore? Want some more of this?” “Wakey wakey taste the bakey.” And then there was a picture of a big black cock. Staring at me on her phone. I wanted to throw the phone against the wall, but instead I jacked off right next to my girlfriend imagining her tight little pussy getting fucked by that huge black cock. Now what do I do?

Cuckolded by a cell phone photo of a BBC

Cuckolded by Hot Girls

Dear Cuckoldress,

When I bought a new BMW, some girls I know wanted me to take them out clubbing in my new car. They told me I had to be their designated driver and I wasn’t allowed to drink. I didn’t dream that I was going to be cuckolded by hot girls. That night I also had to pay all the door charges and drinks for everyone, even some of their hottie BFFs they ran into. I’ll admit I’m not the hottest guy around by any stretch. I’m kind of nerdy, skinny, pale and wear glasses, but I make a lot of money as a software engineer and the BMW was a reward to myself. I mistakenly thought that in exchange for driving around these girls and paying for everything, at least one of them would flirt with me, but all they did was talk to each other and text and ignore me. Still, just being around three hot chicks all night was giving me a stiffie. Then as the girls got more drunk, they started flirting with other guys at the last club we went to and two of them even split and went home with those guys leaving me with Kyra.

I fantasized that Kyra would be really drunk, horny and want me, but when I was driving her back to her place, all she was doing was texting other friends the details about her two friends who were hooking up. Then Kyra told me as we were getting back to her place was that we should swap cars for the rest of the weekend. Her Hyundai for my BMW. She said she loved the way my new car smelled and she wanted to drive it around and would drop it off Sunday night. I thought I might score some pussy on Sunday night when she brought my BMW back, so I let her have the keys and drove her older Hyundai back home. Then I just jerked off imagining getting some pussy, because of the new BMW. Well, it’s been a week since I’ve seen my BMW. I keep calling and texting Kyra, but all she does is text me back that “you can keep driving the Hyundai cuz it’s what you deserve”. And I feel so powerless and weak. I’ve been masturbating like a cuckold all week thinking about Kyra driving my car and maybe taking her friends out in my car. I think this is what you wrote about on your other blog and called it “car cuckolding”. Plus I know if I call the cops, they will just laugh at me. The pathetic thing is I told all my friends I bought a new Bimmer and they’re like where is it and I lied and said there were some problems with it and it’s being fixed and I’m driving a rental car! I’m so humiliated. I know I’ve been cuckolded by hot girls, even if in this definition of cuckolding, they are ignoring me and driving my car and possibly using my car to go out and hook up with other guys.

signed by,
weak and cuckolded

Cuckold Psychology

Guest post from a cuckold…

just wanted to share my thoughts on the psychology behind interracial cuckoldry. It strikes me that there is not one single explanation behind why a white male may be excited by the prospect of being interracially cuckolded. Web pages dealing with the matter are littered with troll posts accusing the cuckold of being ‘gay’ or ‘racist’. But are those allegations true and reasonable? Yes, no and/or not necessarily in my view.

I suggest that the following standpoints (among others, no doubt) could evoke an erotic sensation within a white male:

1) A white male with latent bisexual or gay tendencies may be unwilling to have sex with a man but can concede to watching his woman in the act with a big black man and thus vicariously experience it through her.

2) Elitist white males who enjoy voyeuristic sex as a power trip may seek to debase and eroticize uneducated black men, perceiving them to pose less of a threat because the wives would supposedly never date them.

3) White males who crave sexual humiliation can seek to objectify black men as the Alpha males (in light of the darker skin, superior athleticism and larger penis size) and thus yearn to be emasculated and marginalized by the superiority of their partner’s big black lover.

4) White males, guilty at their forefathers’ treatment of the black race, can seek spiritual restitution by adopting a submissive role in their dealings with black men, and so deriving a sense of salvation by their complete surrender of their beloved partner to a big black man.

5) Inadequately endowed or impotent white males may develop a sexual insecurity about their shortcomings, in light of the increasingly advertised view that ‘size does matter’ and the modern feminists’ (e.g. Sex And The City, etc) outspoken demands for energetic, talented sexual intercourse. In recognition of their inescapable deficiencies, loving and selfless males may deem it right to encourage and/or support their loving partners in experiencing a bigger, more potent and satisfying penis, and thus better sex, than he himself could ever hope to provide.

6) A white male may be affected by circumstance, as his ex-girlfriend/wife may have left him for a big black man, thus fostering an obvious and reasonable feeling of complete inadequacy and insecurity. Consequently, the white cuckold will often automatically eroticize black males and become fascinated by the unrivaled beauty and power of an interracial pairing.

I am sure this list is far from exhaustive. And perhaps every white boy cuckold is motivated by a combination of reasons. I, for one, believe that I fall under a combination of (3), (5) and (6). But that does not make me either racist or gay, in my humble opinion.

I wonder Empress Sara, would you agree? Or do you perhaps think that all interracial cuckolds (white boys) are feeling a racial reversal because they now believe that black men are superior, or are they also homosexuals or sissies?

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