Cuckold Psychology

Guest post from a cuckold…

just wanted to share my thoughts on the psychology behind interracial cuckoldry. It strikes me that there is not one single explanation behind why a white male may be excited by the prospect of being interracially cuckolded. Web pages dealing with the matter are littered with troll posts accusing the cuckold of being ‘gay’ or ‘racist’. But are those allegations true and reasonable? Yes, no and/or not necessarily in my view.

I suggest that the following standpoints (among others, no doubt) could evoke an erotic sensation within a white male:

1) A white male with latent bisexual or gay tendencies may be unwilling to have sex with a man but can concede to watching his woman in the act with a big black man and thus vicariously experience it through her.

2) Elitist white males who enjoy voyeuristic sex as a power trip may seek to debase and eroticize uneducated black men, perceiving them to pose less of a threat because the wives would supposedly never date them.

3) White males who crave sexual humiliation can seek to objectify black men as the Alpha males (in light of the darker skin, superior athleticism and larger penis size) and thus yearn to be emasculated and marginalized by the superiority of their partner’s big black lover.

4) White males, guilty at their forefathers’ treatment of the black race, can seek spiritual restitution by adopting a submissive role in their dealings with black men, and so deriving a sense of salvation by their complete surrender of their beloved partner to a big black man.

5) Inadequately endowed or impotent white males may develop a sexual insecurity about their shortcomings, in light of the increasingly advertised view that ‘size does matter’ and the modern feminists’ (e.g. Sex And The City, etc) outspoken demands for energetic, talented sexual intercourse. In recognition of their inescapable deficiencies, loving and selfless males may deem it right to encourage and/or support their loving partners in experiencing a bigger, more potent and satisfying penis, and thus better sex, than he himself could ever hope to provide.

6) A white male may be affected by circumstance, as his ex-girlfriend/wife may have left him for a big black man, thus fostering an obvious and reasonable feeling of complete inadequacy and insecurity. Consequently, the white cuckold will often automatically eroticize black males and become fascinated by the unrivaled beauty and power of an interracial pairing.

I am sure this list is far from exhaustive. And perhaps every white boy cuckold is motivated by a combination of reasons. I, for one, believe that I fall under a combination of (3), (5) and (6). But that does not make me either racist or gay, in my humble opinion.

I wonder Empress Sara, would you agree? Or do you perhaps think that all interracial cuckolds (white boys) are feeling a racial reversal because they now believe that black men are superior, or are they also homosexuals or sissies?

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