Cuckolded – Size Queen Story !

I truly felt cuckolded after my live-in girlfriend and I had a long talk about her best friend. She admitted that her friend likes big cocks and specifically big black cocks and told me about a recent encounter her friend had with a cute whiteboy who tried to sex her up. He had a small dick and her friend told him to stop after less than a minute because “she couldn’t even feel him”! Small Penis Humiliation at an ego-crushing level. It’s one thing to be told before sex that your penis is too small, but it’s brutal humiliation, trust me, if a girl tells you mid-fuck, that she can’t even feel your penis! I used the term Size Queen to describe her and my girlfriend agreed, explaining that she has become that way, and my girlfriend told that now the first thing her friend mentions when recounting a new date is the size of the new man’s penis.

When I suggested that perhaps my girlfriend felt and acted in the same way, she reacted sympathetically by reassuring me that she is not like that (hmmmm???? I was not convinced). She then added that she might have become that way if she’d stayed single longer and upgraded her dildo size. She explained that she and her friend had bought dildos together, with her going for an average size but her Size Queen friend choosing a massive lifelike one. I couldn’t resist the urge to ask the color! As you say Cuckoldress, always bet on Black! My girlfriend feels that her friend ruined herself for normal men by overusing the massive dildo. Out of curiosity, I asked my girl how big the one she bought was, and she opened her hands and said “about that big, not too much bigger than yours”. I shriveled inside, as I recalled her earlier description of her dildo size as “average”. I know my girlfriend loves me, but she also indirectly cuckolds me every time she brings up the sexual exploits of her Size Queen girlfriend.

Still on the same topic, she described her friend as more promiscuous since they had gone their separate ways once we began living together. Her Size Queen friend now goes out with other girls and is more intent on ‘pulling’. In case your readers aren’t familiar with the term, pulling is when you try to sex up guys or girls (if you’re a guy) right in a bar or club, mainly kissing or groping, it’s like public pre-sex foreplay. Sometimes looking for action from more than one guy or girl in a nite. My girlfriend described how the only time that either her friend had ‘pulled’ when out together was before my girlfriend and I had met. My girlfriend said she came out of the ladies room to see her friend against a wall being passionately kissed by a big black man, a boxer actually. Apparently they had been talking to two boxers in the club, and my girlfriend says she spent about a minute just staring as her friend was kissed and mauled by the black stud. Her Size Queen friend left with the boxer and the next day told my girlfriend about his massive black cock. I asked my girlfriend why she hadn’t been pulled by the other boxer and she said he had gotten a cell phone call and told her he had to leave.

Now, as a secret or not so secret cuckold, I couldn’t resist submissively linking the two conversations. I put all recognition of inadequacy and small penis humiliation aside, and in a statement that would have made you proud Cuckoldress, I said to my girlfriend; “I think your friend should find herself a big black man now. If she likes black men. I mean, let’s face it, at least she’d get the big cock that she needs that way.” My girlfriend responded, “Yeah, she would. That’s true.”

I decided not to push it any more. But, on retrospect, in one single conversation she’d admitted and reiterated that her friend is a Size Queen, she thinks my dickie is smaller than average and that she’s very much aware that black men have bigger cocks. Which makes me think she may well harbor real desires to go black. And I promise Cuckoldress, if she does cuckold me, just as you have been doing for years, I will accept and support my place as a cuckold.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Your blog is rich with insights into the cuckold psyche.