Gay Cuckold Humiliation

I originated the terms Sports Cuckolding and Reverse Cuckolding and now I’m adding Gay Cuckolding to the Cuckoldress lexicon. Let me share with you a story from one of my gay cuckold humiliation fans depicting Gay Cuckolding in action. I will respond to this Gay Cuckold’s query in Dear Cuckoldress

Dear Cuckoldress Sara, I have a total crush on Kirk (name changed) and he knows it, but he takes humiliating advantage of me, maybe you would call it gay cuckolding? Here are some examples of the cuckolding he’s done to me, so let me know what you think. First, he made me do his laundry in the basement of his apartment building, so he could spend time with this totally hot hunk up in his apartment. I assume they fucked while I was the laundry boy. Total gay cuckold humiliation to do his laundry including his dirty boxers, briefs, dirty socks, jeans, t-shirts and dirty sheets with cum stains.

Next, he spotted me at this local very popular bi-level cafe down on the first level, he was on the second level with some hot buds. He whistled and waved me to come up to the second level. I thought, awesome, he wants me to join them, instead he made me get refills for everyone. Then after I got the refills, he was dismissive and said “text ya later”. Which he didn’t. More gay cuckold humiliation.

Then I gave up plans to go to a party so I could go out with him. I thought we were going on a date, but instead he told me to meet him at this gay dance club where he made me his cuckold bitch and buy him drinks and buy drinks for whatever hunk he was dancing with. I was hoping he’d ultimately go home with me, I desperately wanted to suck his cock. It was getting late, almost 1:00 am, at that point I knew the painful truth was he was just cuckolding and cockteasing me, but then he cuckolded me big time and left with this amazing hunk. So why all nite long at the gay club, did he made it crystal clear I was his cuckold bitch? I guess he did this so other gay men wouldn’t flirt with me or wouldn’t try to hook up with me. He cuckold cock-blocked me from hooking up with anyone else except my hand. Yeah, I went home and jerked off and had the most explosive orgasm ever.

Then I asked him to a baseball game, I scored incredible seats along the first base line, expensive! He said yes, but he wanted to bring along a friend. I had to jump thru hoops to score a third ticket. Instead of me picking them up to take them to the game, they opted to meet me at a well-known big bronze baseball player statue outside the stadium. His “friend” turned out to be the hunky stud he went home with at the club that nite. All during the game, I had to buy him and his friends beers and hot dogs. Now this doesn’t sound like much except the beers are $14 each and the dogs are $7 each. So I spent over $200 on beer and hot dogs for all three of us. I suggested in the ninth inning that we go out to a club after the game, but Kirk said he and Ricky already had plans. So then I went to a hotel bar in a hotel next door to the stadium after the game and got pretty drunk and ended up sucking some guy’s cock in his hotel room and he gave me the boot after I made him cum. I was so drunk I had to get a hotel room instead of driving home and that cost me over $100, so I was out close to $600 that nite and again, I felt like such a gay cuckold. I jerked off and passed out.

Now I want to know Sara, should I be Kirk’s gay cuckold or should I just be alone? I hate to confess that gay cuckold humiliation excites me, makes me have super strong masturbation orgasms and that I’m still crushing on Kirk despite how terrible he treats me.

7 Responsesto “Gay Cuckold Humiliation”

  1. cuckyboy says:

    great website!

  2. Sam B. says:

    I will definitely be calling you! I don’t think there’s anyone else out there except Jinxypie who understands the complete cuckold picture!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Fascinating blog. The writing is interesting and unconventional.

  4. anonymous lesbian says:

    Would you write about Lesbian Cuckolding please? I’ll email you my confession, it happened to me. So many people think cuckolding is just for a man to be cuckolded. Not true!

  5. David D. says:

    your site is really informative and entertaining. did you ever think about writing a book on the subject of cuckolding?

  6. lil cock says:

    Hey, I live in SC and whenever I see a coed girl wearing a South Carolina Gamecocks or Ladycocks pink shirt or shorts that says Cocks, I feel so turned on, as in cuckolded, cuz I know they’d never want my little cock.

  7. WoW says:

    your blog blows me away