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I read your other father daughter cuckolding post and it rang so true. There can be different types of cuckold relationships other than being cuckolded by your wife or girlfriend. Well, I am embarrassed to admit to you and your Cuckoldress blog readers that I am being cuckolded by my 18 year old daughter. I am a cuckold wimp who hasn’t had sex with his cuckoldress hotwife in years. I know she is getting her sex elsewhere, from black studs she meets on cuckold forums and cuckold classifieds, but I’m afraid to ask about the details. My tiny penis is useless to my MILF hotwife. She only makes use of my tongue and I’m also forced to do black bull semen creampie clean-up.

I’m sure my wife has advised Cori to fuck large cocks and use cuckold wimps like me to get what she wants. Because Cori has been dating this 18 year old black stud football player, Damian, from her high school. But she also has very own college sophomore wimp cuckold, Phil, who comes over and ‘helps’ her with her homework. He probably does her homework while she texts her friends. I’m not allowed to stick my nose in her business. One time when I tried to set a curfew for her, she slapped my face and told me that she would stay out as late as she wants.

Cori makes me give her money to buy clothes. Sometimes she will even walk into my home office and give me a Victoria’s Secret catalog with pages turned down and whatever she wants circled in red sharpie marker. I might be in the middle of something for my business, but she keeps tapping her nail on the catalog on my desk and I know I must stop what I’m doing and place the order. She also makes me give her money for her dates with Damian. She has an Amex for emergencies only, but this month when I got the Amex billing statement, there must have been a lot of emergencies at stores like Wet Seal and Bebe, plus emergency concert tickets. She also has an iPhone and iPod that I gave her and she tends to drop them a lot or one of them ends up in the jacuzzi, so I have to replace them frequently.

The other day, I saw Phil the cuckold wimp hand washing her panties and bras in the laundry room sink. He was wearing a white maid’s apron. I’m sure as soon as he knew I’d passed by, he went back to sniffing them. I confess I do that to my MILF hotwife’s panties and more. In fact, I’ve been ordered by my cuckoldress hotwife to pre-soak the panties in my mouth. As my MILF wife explained, “Saliva breaks down proteins and that’s what cum is you stupid cuckold, protein.” I lick the cum stains too.

Well, I will close out my cuckhold confession with something extremely pathetic. It was my 45th birthday last week, and my wife and daughter bought me a blow-up doll. Cori and my wife laughed so hard when I opened the box, they had tears and mascara coming down their cheeks. “Your father does like blondes with shaved pussies,” my MILF wife laughed and laughed. “We need to give Daddy’s girlfriend a name,” Cori added. So my new girlfriend is Brianna. They put her in different places around the house to cuckhold and humiliate me. They even dress her in slutty lingerie. I’m afraid that one of my golf buddies or a neighbor will walk in and find Brianna, then I’ll have some explaining to do. At the end of my humiliation cuckhold birthday party, my cuckoldress daughter put her arm around me and kissed my ear, a loud smacking kiss. “Aren’t you glad you have a girlfriend Daddy? Now you won’t be so lonely!”